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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Lil Bear and the Kerplunky Thing

Hello There, I'm peeking out of my new Catnip Cave from Cat's Club. They am made right here in the USA and gots catnip purred right into it! The Mom would have shared an Amazon link to this purrduct, but seems they are cheaper at sum place called Walmart in the store, cause dats where she got dis one. It came wif 3 caves and wood makes a furry fun Chrissymouse gift!

Deze ones frum Walmart say Cat's Club.  Da ones onda internets cums wif 4 caves and say purrr and zowee!  But the Mom says you can go to your favorite grocery store and ask for a paper sack and rub catnip on it and draws on it fur your kitty...

Kerplunky Thing
Ize am doing lots better! I waz furry goods and tooks my medicine dat was really weird tasting raspberry in a syringe that the Mom mades me swallow in between eating my favorite things like Fancy Feast kitten Turkey and Yummy Chicken dat Mom Cooked fur me.   We am sooo furry thankful that Brian and Gracie at Brian's Home am had amazing recoveries too!  Gracie was really bads sick and now her am home and well again.
Bear tries to open Dis Am Mine

Duz anybody remembers da Kerplunky thing? Dat waz in da Thanksgiving post. Sum of you mites remembers dat Mom wouldn't let me eat Dis am Mine all by myselfs and dat I hads to share.  While I tried to open Dis Am Mine, Joey rolled the Kerplunky Thing into the hallway. Well I finds out - the Kerplunky Thing was really just fur me! 

Mom Opened the Kerplunky Thing
Mom took off the kerplunky stuff and there were 3 cans of kitty food!  Me the one really eating canned foods cause sum of my cousins tummies go whacky wif canned foods...  

Mom says the canned foods are called Purrfect Bistro and they came frum some place called  We gotted two Beef Wellington and One Surf + Turf Pate.
Purrfect Bistro

Lil Bear Tries Purrfect Bistro Beef Wellington
Here I am eating the Beef Wellington fur my evening meal. It was very yummy, but not very filling...Mostly gravy and hardly any meat at all.  About 3 in the morning, I woke Mom up cause my tummy was rumbly and needed more foods!  Mom fed me Fancy Feast foods which I gobbled ups and was very full.

Lil Bear Tries Purrfect Bistro Surf n Turf
So next night, the Mom let me try the Surf + Turf Pate... The Pate was much more filling than the Beef Wellington. 

The Mom says Purrfect Bistro changed the recipes and we gots to try the new formula.  The Mom thinks it would have been fun to try the old recipe too.

Dats my purrview.  We want to thanks Andy at fur sending us this wonderful package just before Thanksgiving.

Fur me, The Beef Wellington could works as a treat and the Surf + Turf was good when added to dry foods.

Purrz and Lots of Meowz
From Angel's Lil Bear.

P. S. Weze nots getting any greenies fur dis purrview... just to lets you know. Also, we just reads an old post from Brian's Home that went to ManxMnewz... Just wanted to say that we didn't know about that... We Gots one more purrview about Orijen cat treets... The Mom likes Orijen... soo til next time... purrz n stuffs.


  1. Well that was a good purrview gang and I think the original receipes were better.

    1. That's what many reviews the Mom found said too, that the new recipes are not as tasty as the old recipe.. Would have been fun to compare the taste. Purrz, Lil Bear.

  2. Hi new friends!! Well I'm glad you're feeling better - there HAVE been a lot of sickie kitties this year but seems everyone is on the mend including the crew at Brian's! YAY! Just in time for Crispmouse!

    Holiday Hugs, Sammy

  3. Lil Bear, it sure is good to see you feeling so much better. That bag looks like such a great idea. We just have to get one of those. Hope you all have a super day.

  4. Hi Katie
    Mum has just collected your parcel from our local post office for Secret Paws. We are very excited to see what's inside but she says we can't open it until we've had our dinner. (BTW we received a package at the beginning of December but she wouldn't let us open that until this part arrived too). We will be able to put it on our blog this weekend. WooHoo we can't wait.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Hi Katie - we had one present from you in a box and one in an envelope. The transfers were in the envelope with your lovely card and there were Dreamies, treats and a toy in the box which came by hand. Everything is very pawsome (especially the Dreamies). That makes 2 presents from you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. There was another parcel this morning for Hannah and Lucy with lovely feathery toys and furry balls and some calming stickers wrapped up in lovely pink and blue tissue paper. They will have lots of fun and have been thoroughly spoiled. I will do a post about them and their new toys and treats and things next week. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.


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