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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Two Posts and a Purr Please

I-Love Lulu
Good Afternoon furry Friends... My name is I-Love Lulu... yes dats my name... 

Evfurrybody just calls me Lulu or Lu fur short. The Mom named me after a street and someone named Lucille Ball cause I has a jester face and loves to play and make folks laugh. I was a bit of a Lulu when she first brought us in.  I wasn't good at trusting peeple yet... Now I loves them and makes chirpy sounds just to say I love you.  I'm not sure why she thinks I look like a ball though.
Furrst ams all we am doing Secret Paws dis year!  Weze am doing ours in two furry fun parts... One frum the Dad who am in another country and one package from all us kittiez and the Mom in America!  If we tells where the Dad am, it might give away where it am going...Well part one frum the Dad am mailed on Monday but the mom furgotted to tell the dad purrson about taking a photo...
Little Sammy in Da Box n Toby

He doesn't has a camera...sooo... weze tellz u dats der am fun stuffoms init.... sum treetz and Soft Toys Fur Whoppin (dis am clue)!!  The Dad said sumpin waz pink or blue but he dint send us a photo... (Dis Sammy in da box and Toby when dey waz little)  More bout dis in the postie about Mom's mailing...

Secondly, my brother Joey the Nike cat wons sumpin! 
At The Opinionated Pussycat, Joey entered a survey give away!
Here's the survey questions:
1. When does your human choose to give you treats?
and/or 2. What do you do to get them to do your bidding and give you treats? 3. How much do they give you at each serving?
Joey the Nike Cat
 Heres what Joey said:
Well I have to remind her to give out the treats to everyone you know... Lil Bear just yells at her and the Lady goes running to the bedroom to feed him... what about the rest of us? So he's the youngest... he's not little any more. He should eat with us in the kitchen... and we should eat his food for him... oh wait...that's why she closes the door.
Back to this treat thing. Sometimez when the dark comes through the windows, the Mom Lady rattles the treat bag.
How do I get her to give me the treats I require?
I have to reminder her that I am the main cat and should be fed first. I remind her by jumping on her shoulders. See I am the main boy cat. Nobody else does that.
Oh wait, Lil Bear keeps imitating me... He keeps getting on her shoulders. THAT'S MY JOB!!!
The only problem is that the Mom Lady needs to grow bigger shoulders now that I am about 14 inches long from shoulder blade to hip... She doesn't listen. Maybe if she ate the treats too then her shoulders would get bigger... oh well.
The Mom lady hands out these green crunchies and they are wonderful... I make her give me a ton of them of course. They are mine. All treats are mine. I am the NIKE CAT. I have to keep up my strength to save kitties tied to railway tracks and you know, Hero stuff.

And him won first place!!! wowee! Dats meens Joey has to share his Ideal Balance treets when they come!

Thirdly, this am my sister Laura Belle...
Laura Belle
Her am having the sniffles... The Mom am taking her to see Dr. Johnson dis afternoon fur hur sniffles... You see us four kits hads upper respiratory infections when we waz likes 3 weeks old. Sumtimes we have the sneezies still but we gets over dat. Laura not getting betters and bins sneezing and drippy nose fur lots of days. So her needz purrz. 

Soon us gurls will need our lady surgeries and we are going to Dr. Johnson and nots a low cost clinic cause we waz sick as little girls and Dr. Johnson will monitor us during surgery and make sure we am safe. 

Weze gonna finds out how much that will be and ask Dr. Johnson to set up an account dat you can donate to helps us gets our surgeries safe and sound and comes home healthy. 

Anna May
When Angel went to the Rainbow Bridge after her lady surgery, the Mom decided that it am best dat me, Laura Belle and Anna May (formerly Pattie - she didn't like the puffy sound of "P" -mom ) will go to see Dr. Johnson. Since he will be using all the latest surgery equipment like heart monitors and oxygen and stuffs it will cost more...yet we will comes home safe and sound.  And dat am worth everything.  We will get you the information on how you can donate directly to Dr. Johnson fur our surgeries and how much funds we will need.
Furry thanks so much fur stopping by and do please purr fur Laura Belle... We will have updates in our next postie.

Purrz n Stuffoms
I-Love Lulu... 

Thankful Thursday Updates:
Laura Belle came back frum the vets and Dr. Johnson finks her nots have infection soo no antibiotix rite now... Him said to watch her fur a few more days since Laura am not have a fever and am eating and gots her yelling lungs working (Laura meowed all the way to the vet)....
Purrz, Lulu.


  1. Oh Darling, PLEASE get betters. I am just now almost over my own first ever URI. Get better sweet girl and love to you during your Lady surgeries.

  2. Lots of news at your house. Hope Laura Belle is okay.

  3. We send healing purrs and extra ones from our Wednesday post.

  4. Laura Bell I am sending you lots of purrs to help your sniffles go away. I hope you feel better soon. Well done Joey for winning!


  5. sWe are sending purrs to Laura Belle and hope her sniffles get better soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx


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