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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Lil Bear Update from Mom

Newz Update.

Lil Bear did not get neutered today after all.  

Thirty minutest after I left him at the vets, Dr. Johnson called and asked me to pick him up. This is what he told me.  Bear had been fairly calm until they tried to put him in a kennel to wait for his surgery.  He freaked out in the kennel.  Johnson and his assistant tried to put him back in his carrier where he might feel safer, but he slipped away and jumped on the floor and bit the doctor's shoe.  Dr. Johnson was also doing surgery on a dog this morning.  So my guess is that Bear was afraid of the dog and the whole strange situation.  (He's such a Momma's Boy.  I'm his security blankie... If only I was a vet assistant.)

Long story short - Bear's surgery will be re-scheduled and Dr. Johnson came up with a plan to give him some anesthesia before taking him out of the carrier.   

Thanks for all the Purrz and Prayerz.  Will keep you all posted.  Next time, Joey - don't tell Bear silly stories.  Purrz, Katie Kat.


  1. Awww! I sowwy Lil Bear! I know how scary that place can be! Lucky you got out of it!

    Charlie (and sleeping Lauren)

  2. Poor Lil Bear, that sounds really traumatic for him. Hope he feels better once he's back at home again.

  3. Poor Lil Bear. Sometimes kitties show a whole nother side at the V*T, and it is usually the laid back one that react that way.

  4. That's awful, poor Lil Bear. Maybe you could ask the vet to reschedule when there are no dogs due to be operated on or maybe as a special case, the vet might allow you to stay with Lil Bear when he is anaesthetised? I've known vets be ok with owners doing that as it saves the cat coming away with a psychological trauma.

    At one of our vet surgeries the cat kennelling cages are only separated from the operating area by a large screen made of Perspex. All sounds, smells and sights of operations to all pets are open to the poor cat awaiting surgery. I've spoken to them about it but they just don't get it. So we avoid that surgery if surgery needs doin'

    Paws crossed for a stress free neutering for you Lil Bear

  5. Uhoh.....well it sounds like he had purrrrfectly good reasons for NOT being in the mood for surgery - a dab of anesthesia before he's out of the carrier sounds like a good idea - RELAXING and CHILLING first will make it much easier. Toes crossed it works on reschedule!!

    Hugs, Sammy


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