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Friday, February 07, 2014

Katie Mom am hurted and Furry Mewz

Hello?  Hellooo!?!  ANybodiez dehr?  dis am Lulu...  somebody needs to tells our innernets frinds dat Katie Mom hads a birthday on Feb 5th....

but da Mom haz a painful right shoulder fur almost a week now and so here i ams trying to figurez outs how to type on keybords.

So me tries to updates fur you whiles the Mom am all hurting.... 

Da pinching pain was so bads last weekend dat her whole hand went sleepy and her couldn't move her fingers!  Tuesday her shoulder popped and her could feel her hand better, but it still am furry hurting.  Mom say da pain am called excruciating.

Katie Kitty Too
we ams snowed in here and the mom cant drive the truck cause her shoulder and nanas car gots a bad rim wif flat tire. Uncle Mike gets off works late....  and all dis snow in da ways!

Pleaze purr fur Mom's shoulder and dat her can see a doctor furry soon...

oh and Katie Kitty too hads a gotcha day in January.  Her am eleven years old now.

Lil Bear am scheduled to gets nootered next weeks if the Mom can gets over her painful shoulder so her can take him in.

Me and my sisfurs Laura Belle and Annie needs our surgeries too and cause of da weathers, Oreo am still in da bathroom!  Him needs nootered and a forever home furst so he can gets outa da bafroom! Him talks alot.  He even calls us other kitties by our names just cause him heard the mom saying dat... like Laura Belle am "Wahrah Beh"  And him plays wif laser toys n stuff. 

When her shoulder not hurting, the Mom will be putting all us foster kitties up at and making bio pages fur us here on dis blog.

Please purr fur Katie Mom that her right shoulder gets better and wish her happy purrthday.

Yours Truly,


  1. Happy Birthday to your mom. We hope she will feel better soon or be able to see a doctor to help. such pain is no fun. Thanks for the updates.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom and Happy Belated Gotcha Day to Katie Too. We are sending healing purrs for your Mom's arm we hopes it is better soon. You did great with the update Lulu.

  3. We are all sending our best healing purrs to the Mom. You did a great job on the board of keys!

  4. Found you on PetParade. Dropping by to Say HI!

  5. Oh Mum must be in great pain...we are sending lots of purrs and hope she can get things done soon!
    Miss Kitty Izzy & Ino

    Please Come join/follow us too at: Thanks much...

  6. Your poor Mom! We hope she can get to the doctor so they can fix her shoulder up soon.

  7. Happy purrthday to your mom. Tell her we'll be praying and purring that she can see a doctor and get her shouder well really fast.Have a great weekend. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  8. Hello everyone, nice to see you! Happy Belated Gotcha Day to Katie Kitty Too and Happy Belated Birthday to Katie Mom! We are sending lots of purrs, prayers and good thoughts to the Mom for her shoulder to start feeling better ASAP. We know how painful shoulder stuff is and it is no fun at all so we really hope she can get some relief quickly. Have a good Caturday kitties!

  9. Say Happy Birthday to your Mom for us please Katie and we hope she will be able to get to the doctors so he can help her with her very ouchie shoulder. Happy belated Gotcha Day to you too Katie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Happy Delayed Birthday to your mom ! We send her healing purrs for her shoulder. Purrs

  11. Happy Birthday to your Mom and Happy Gotcha Day to Katie Too. Katie, you don't look your age at all!

    I am sending my most rumbly of purrs to help your Mom's shoulder feel better. When my apes are all achy, I apply my whole body to the achy ape part, the heat from me is soothing so they tell me

    Luff Mungo xx

  12. I really hope that painful shoulder gets better soon because pain like that is not good. Glad to hear from you and get the updates. Praying all goes well and sending love. Happy Birthday to your mum too xxxx

  13. Happy Birthday! Hope your shoulder feels better! P.S. Lulu, you are purrty good at typing!

  14. They are all so adorable. Thanks for coming by my blog. I'm now following yours through Bloglovin and I'm looking forward to visiting often. Have a lovely week.

  15. We would like to thank you for your visit to our blog.
    Happy birthday to your maman. We hope that her shoulder feel better.
    Hisia et Loustiquette

  16. So hope she's feeling better! And hope mama had a good birthday! Thanks for joining the Pet Parade!

  17. Oh I am so glad to find you again. I hope your momma and all of you are alright?


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