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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bear shows a St. Patties Moovie

Bear: Mom... dat am a funny bunny. what him wearing green fur?
Katie Kat:  That is a Leprechaun Bunny. He's wearing green for St. Patrick's Day.
Bear: What am dat?

Well mostly people wear green and try not to get pinched.  Yet, the day is really about a man named Patrick who lived a furry long time ago.  He helped people in Ireland get to know about Christianity.

When Patrick was a boy in Great Britain, some people captured him and took him to be a slave in Ireland. He miraculously escaped and went back home... yet he felt that he had to return Ireland...

Bear: Mom... Mommy. Mom?
Katie:Yes, Lil Bear?
Bear: Lets has Moovie On Sunny day. Otay? It am about Patrick.
Katie: Okay... Good Idea.

Bear: What abouts da funny bunny Mom?
Katie: Oh...The bunny wants to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's fur Monday!

Bear: Otay! Has a nise day everybunny!!...and a cat scanned mommy's tummy on friday at hospittal to looks fur bad stuffs... so please purr fur mom's tummy...

Katie: Bear... actually it was an MRI machine and it looked at my liver to check to see if lesions that were found over a year ago have grown... Thanks for asking people to purr fur me... We can tell folks about the results next week...

Bear: Can we shows anuver moovie bout St. Patrick tomorrow?
Katie:  We didn't finish telling about the day you were nootered though.
Bear:  Kin we has moovies on Monday furst pleeze?
Katie:  Okay...  We'll watch another movie... and maybe we'll find a green hat for you to wear.

Bear:  and maybe some hats for the other kitties too!  I loves you Mom....
Katie:  I love you too, Lil Bear.... 


  1. Great video about St. Patrick. We also love your little graphics. Those are terrific. Hope all of you have a fantastic Sunday.

  2. Thank you for sharing ! You're the first who explain us so clearly who is St Paddy, and why there is a celebration on March, 17 ! Loud purrs for your mom's medical results. Purrs

  3. What a fun idea! And that's a good idea, especially for some of our international blog friends who might not be familiar with the holiday the way we are.

  4. That was a really cool video and we're sending purrs to you Bear.

  5. We're sending purrs to your Mom and to you Lil Bear.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Love, LOVE, LOVE!!! those kitten pictures. So cute! SO CUTE!!! Happy St. Patrick's Day!



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