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Monday, August 18, 2014

Indoor Yoga Napping Lesson with Oreo

Furstly. Find a very high place for your nap, such as on top of the kitchen cupboards, purrfurr-ably the cupboard above refrigerator, or purr haps the frigerator if your kitchen cupboards go all the way to the ceiling.
Secondly, Get in a nice good, long stretch of your back legs.
Third Step. Check your limberness and munch on a few fleas if they are bothering your technique.
And then, Voila! The yoga-ness pose that will have your pawrents and other humans wondering, Hey, how you do that?
Finally... one last peek at the world below, before off to lovely dreamland of the happy, cared for, indoor cat.

I hope you liked your yoga napping lesson and can find a way to try it at your home.  I am furry thankful that I found Mom Katie last winter. I am furry loved and not abandoned no more. I could never try this restful yoga technique outdoors. 

Mom shared my new long name with me today. Katie Mom always gives her furever kitty kids a long 3 name and a nickname.  Such as Lil Bear's long name am Benjamin Lil Bear, but every human call him Bear. I could call him Bear, since I talk Engrish, but my nickname for Bear am "squeaky," in cat mews that is. Bear cant talk Engrish. Him use whiney squeak to get Mom's attention. Very annoying sometimes.

Katie Mom thought of calling me Happy Oreo Cookie, but I not good at cooking, although I do like checking out the stove smells. If you look closely, does my cute face remind you of a funny human who went over the Rainbow Bridge? Mom said my furever long name am now Oreo Robin William. But you can calls me Orie.

And like Brian of Brian's Home Says, Adopt Cats! We needs and Deserves you! More Furever Homes More Often! (Concats on the 2,000th post last week, Brian!)

Purrz Furever,
Oreo Robin William
(Purr S.  You can find my photo at Mom's National Geographic Your Shot, where Mom tells that I not your average pet. -Orie)


  1. Thanks for the yoga lesson and for the kind words! I'd probably roll of and hurt my butt, but I will practice!

  2. That's more than yoga. That's acrobatics and your cat is brilliant.

    1. Orie say thank mew furry much. That's how him got his new name... him am almost as brilliant as hims namesake.

    2. oh waits... Him just as brilliant! In the kitty world of brilliantness... mol.

  3. Mum says "oh to be so supple"!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Those were some very impressive yoga moves, Orie. Your long furrever name is purrfect!

    1. As a caption fur the yoganess pose, I think hims namesake might say something likes... would you like to shake my paw? My back Paw? Here you go!

  5. I see you've take your height requirement for nappin', very seriously. Not only are you up high on the cupboard but you've given yourself a few extra inches by lyin' on that case. EXCELLENT. Good work, for sure.


  6. "Downward Washing Kitty"--the peeps can NEVER do that one!

  7. I like your new name. I wish I could get up that high in our condo. Our ceilings are 16 feet high.


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