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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


 Aren't We Cute?

(2 weeks, 4 days.  Longer Post Tomorrow - PC in one house, Molly in another.  Gotta go feed Molly..and check on Angel (Angela).  Was going to move the fambly to Uncle Mike's, but too much for Molly to handle... Only had to feed Junior once on Monday... Molly am making enuf milk... fur now. So thankful had just enough in kitty emergency funds for the ER visit. Won't be able to replenish that back until next month.)


  1. So adorable! We're happy to hear that mama is doing better! Purrs...

  2. oh, lawsy, lawsy, lawsy!! the cuteness of it all! we hopes miss molly an' fambly continues well!

  3. Weez kuldn't find da wipes weez told yous bout, but these awe similar.
    And these be da tags weez wuz talkin' 'bout:
    They awe purreciious. Fur babies like dat, mommy always gave them baths to get wid of da fleas. Good luck. Weez purrayin' and wishin' weez kuld do mowe, but fixed incom and went went up and all da udder stuff always mowe goin' out than comin' in as yous know.

    Luv ya'


    1. Thanks Dezi and Dezi'z Mom. I will try the wipes... I started doing baths, but the room was too cold and the baby got too chilled... so warm cloth wrap. I need a heater to keep the room warm enough during the little ones baths... You two take care and gets that apartment fiasco sorted out. If I had money to send you instead, I would... purrz, Katie Kat.

  4. Have sent donation via Pay Pal today towards kittens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

    1. :-) The kitties thank you soo much... Molly is impacted again... taking her into the vet today.


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