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Monday, September 08, 2014

Molly gotz Mastitis

Dis Update for 5:00 AM.
Mom finks her and Uncle Mike gots Molly to the vets just in times afore da Mastitis gotted real bads and kept Molly from having good milks for the kitty babies.

The vets gave her Clavamox and pain meds.  The kittens gotz some eye infections and the vet helped wipe dehr crusty eyes wif warm water. And in the light of the vets office, Mom found a few mean fleas still hiding on the kittens.

See the grey kitten? Dat am a boy. The other kittens are big girls... Him had lost some weight yesterday.  Mom found out at the vets that him couldn't go potty cause of bads green stuff dat plugged him up. So Mom wiped him wifs a warm towel and den him could go potty... But dat green stuffs made Lil Junior hurted.

Those big girls takes all da milk. Mom tried to get him to drink bottle milk, but him not like the milk too much.  After Molly had her meds, she let the babies have a meal, but Lil Junior not find a nipple wif milk in it!  After one of those big girls had some milk, Mom took the girl and held her awhile so Junior could eat.

Well this morning, Mom woked up and the babies was sleeping and stuffs. Mom fed Molly some fishy foods and then called a friend about bottle feeding Junior... Our friend takes in fosters sometimes, but she can't right now... so she told Mom how to use a syringe by going "drop, drop, drop" on the baby's tongue so him can swallow dat.  Mom has gones to store now to gets a syringe and will be back wif more updates and photos.  Later, Mom am going to try a weak solution of Dawn to get rids of the kitten's fleas...
Lil Bear at 3 some weeks old

Benjamin Lil Bear
who am trying to be a big boy now.
P.S. I turned one year old on August 1st and Mom forgotted!
Her thought I turned one year old on September 1st.  Silly Mom.


  1. Those babies sure are cute. We are glad you and your mom are taking such good care of them, and Molly. And good thing you got Molly to the vet before the mastitis got bad.

  2. Oh No sowwy yous havin' purrawlems. Mommy wuz a bottle feeder volunteer. Course Lexi and me boff be bottle babies of hers and most of hers past ones wuz too. Weez not know ifin yous twyin' to feed da baby milk weplacer or wegular milk, but mommy had da bestest luck wiff while milk like yous hoomans dwink. It will make hims stools loose fur a kupple days till hims system wegulates, but hims will be fine on it. Just warm it da same way yous wuld fur a baby, and mommy sez to kinda squeez da bottle so it comes out and hims get da idea dat it be good and stawts to suckle. Also weez weplied to yous comment 'bout da fleas on meez bloggy, hope weez helped sum. Sowwy weez can't help mowe. :( Weez be purrayin' fur yous all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  3. Sorry I am late getting here but I sure am glad you got her there when you did. Hugs from all of us. We did pass on your message this morning.


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