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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Short Update of Exhaustion.

Hiya, short Update... will update more by Thursday. 

Annette's 2 beautiful long haired kitties went home ahead of her last summer at 19 and 20 yrs - what a loving mommy. Her funeral was amazing yesterday. Even the governor came. Got to be with the family last night too.  (To catch up with this update, please see  Sunday Post and Friday's Post )

Really exhausting day where nothing got done, cause I lost the keys... took my brother to work so I could borrow his car to have lunch with friends who came into town just for the funeral and then get kitty food, litter, do my kitty care rounds for 3 diff houses (18 cats).  And nothing...

Mike had to find a ride home then he found the keys in the coat I used this morning, save I don't remember wearing the coat. Wish I could laugh, but I checked the bank and we're out of money for cat food and litter..and need both.

Many of the kids have to eat Iams or a corn free formula and we have to use pine litter (mixed with cedar or pine shavings) 

My husband's social security doesn't come for two more weeks.  Mike won't get paid for another two weeks from his new job. 

There is a donate button on my blog that goes to my paypal card - used exclusively for Katiez Katz. Thanks for listening.  I'm not eating until my kitties do.... Wait, that's normal! mol.

(My broken toe will be x-rayed again on Thursday.  Seems to be healing well, but slowly.)

-Katie Kat.
Cats Here at Katiez Katz waiting to be adopted asap:
Ellie May (Happy) and Mom Molly


Annie and Lulu


  1. Thank you for all the comments on facebook... prayers were answered. Katie.

  2. Thanks to two kind bloggers and 2 mutual sellers at Bonanza and eBay... we were able to get enough food and litter to hopefully last until Uncle Mike gets paid.... -Katie.

  3. Oh my, we know how exhausting this stuff csn be, Dad is constantly going at it too. We will help some, or Dad will.

  4. Sharing the kitties that need to be adopted! Hope things get better for you.


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