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Friday, February 06, 2015

Fear Not Friday Good and Sad Mewz

(Happy Ellie with Laser Eyes... mol)

Talked to the vet Wednesday and come to find out, that Happy Ellie and her sisters did not get meds for Tape Worms in December! They got meddies for all the other baddies!  

So guess what Happy is going to get today?  Yep meds for tape baddies... Cause that's may be her problem... I saw wormies in her pooh in December and thought they were round worms... The vet assistant said I was describing tape worms!  Poor baby... no wonder she is still having tummy problems.  Will keep you posted about how Ellie does after the deworming. She may have a mew home... application is still pending.

Also today, I go to see the doctor about my toe and get scheduled for another x-ray...  Still my worst owie though... and I can't bend it yet...Going on seven weeks now.
Yesterday was my birthday... spent the day taking my mom to her doctor's appt... Had planned on letting the kitty kidz have a trashing party to celebrate on Sunday... But last night found out that a very dear woman died tragically yesterday morning.... I can't bring myself to organize a birthday pawty right now... or to ask for funds for my babies...

Without her, my husband and I would not have met.... Her vision led to a beautiful congregation of believers in the Messiah... both of Christian and Jewish backgrounds...

She never met a person she didn't care about, but for some reason yesterday morning, she went to the grocery store alone, fell by her car in the parking lot, and then was hit by an SUV and dragged 15 feet to her death...I am still in shock and sadness.


I know only two other Godly people taken away in such horrific freak accidents, one was singer Rich Mullins.  (The other - prayed for my husband who was sick with the flu and he became well immediately.)

So in tribute to my friend, Annette Hedke, please watch these videos:
Rich Mullins - Hold Me Jesus

Zemer Levav (Music Family who also knew Annette)

More Mewz furry soon.... Katie


  1. I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend- sending you purrs and hugs!

  2. We're sorry to hear your friend has died and send hugs from Mum and purrs from Hannah and Lucy for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We're sorry to hear your friend has died and send hugs from Mum and purrs from Hannah and Lucy for you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Belated Happy Birthday from all of us. We are very sorry to hear about your friend.


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