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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Pi Day and Free Game Fur Cats

Hiya folks! Lil Bear here.  Mom Found a fun thing for catz at itunes called Nifty CAT GAMEZ!

Mom gotted a message from a purrson on Fiverr. who am looking for a kitty who wants to play with the itunes game on their ipad or laptop. And if the kitty plays with the game, then they want the Mom to video tape them and you will gets sum greenies for doing that.

My Mom can't figure out how to do load the itunes game cause we dont haz a laptop and our computer dont like the 32 bit itunes program.  The games are free though.

Dis am what the purrson asked:   "I would pay for for you to film the small cat really playing the (app) game. If you have iTunes linked to your computer or an ipad you should be able to access it...It says only available on Ipad but you may still be able to access from your computer or other device if compatible. I would need you to film the cat and game on the screen together (meaning you film the cat with video watching and playing the game on computer screen or ipad screen) This is just a short quick promo I need. You think it is possible?"

Just wondering if anyone am interested? The person asking is here: You might have to get an account with Fiverr to let babystar know you would like to try making the video. Or let the Mom know in our commints and she can tell the Fiverr purr son.

Mom finks dats making computer games am art, cause you gotz to draw stuffs and make pictures that move... For real arts though, Mom drew this Bronze Menorah with crayons... 4x6 cardstock...

Mom just found out that today am Pi Day... dats when the time at March 14, 2015 at 9:26:53!  or 3.14159653. We were hoping for Catnip Day, or at least catnip Pie. Like Marks Mewz gotted

Maxwell at gotted all the numberz right... I can't count that far.
I can only count to nine and nine and nine and nine in head scritches from Mom... thats a lot of scritches!
A Pi with Pie in it... mol

So here amz a pie with a pi in it - I still would rather haz tuna pie with a fishy in it!
Luvz from Benjamin Lil Bear. 

Here Am the Pet Parade Blog Hop!!

Happy Caturday. We gotz the Art blog hopping list finally!
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  1. OMC Ear gween papers to play?? We wuld luv dat. Mommy checked ut da games and downloaded 'em on da iPad we won at Christmas fur us to play wiff. Weez nevew heard of Fiverr, but weez oughtta check it out ifin peeps willin' to pay fur videos like dat. We sure wish you kuld do it, it sure wuld help ya' out. But we wuld luv to do it ifin da peeps wanted us too.

    And sis Lexi wuz diagnosed 6 weeks ago wiff early stage Renal disease. So hers kidneys be failin' and hers livers not workin' purropurrly anymowe. We furget dat not evewypawdy weads evewy posty so fanks fur wemindin' us dat we need to include all da vital info. in evewy post we do 'bout sumfin' just in case we hav a new weader or sumpawdy like us dat misses a foo posties. And we wish we kuld change vets, but it's kinda a munny fing. Weez, like you be on a very fixed income and da vets wouond these pawts awe only innewested in one fing, their pocket book. they don't weally work wiff pepps on payment plans or fings like dat. Da vet we hav lets us chawge a hunnewed dollaws and then pay it off in 4 payments, and then we can chawge again. Hims da only one weez found dat will do anyfin' fur us, and hims also gives us a discount cuz we be Service cats. It's a small discount, but evewy penny helps.

    Yous mommy's awt looks gweat and as always yous lil Bear look adowable. Hope y'all hav a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

    1. Da Fiverr purrson sent Mom a video link to another kitty playing and wonders if Dezi or another kitty can make a video like dat....

  2. Your Mom is very talented! We do love that pi pie!

  3. Happy Caturday and Pi Day!

    Thank you for participating in our hop and we are glad you managed to get the blog hop list :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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