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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Tuesday Snow Mewz and Mewz Fur Helps

Hiya Furry Friends... Toby and Mom the typist trying to remember what we just typed!
Dumb editor deleted our post and now we haz to write waz deleting an old draft and our new post deleted instead. If Only Mom had kept the preview open.

Where did the road go?

So here we go... hopes we remember everything... Well we hadz snows dis weekend, not as much as the east coast, but we couldn't find the road for two dayz.

Toby here snoozing while Mom Types....  Mom am bin not getting to blogging lately so we gotz catching up to do. Her just gotted a mew purrscription of her heart medication for Mitral Valve Prolapse so her gotz more energy! But weze am hissed bout the pharmacy company who am making the generic.  Dey tooks it offs the 4.00 list and dey keep raising the price cause they am the only one making the generic now... Dis medication digitalis is over 400 years old. I can't even count that far.  Bear only counts to nine (and up to 9x9 in scritches -Katie). Dey trying to make humans stop taking this more naturally based stuffs for more chemical made meds... The Daddy purrson thinks it might be cheaper in England...  

Bear am Snoozin wifs me by the window too... Him gotted the window view, while I gots Mom's art table.  by the way, Bear's full name am Benjamin Lil Bear, cause him gotz chutzpah like Bibi Netanyahu who just had a long speech at the Joint sessions of Congress.  We loves Bibi, yet Mom says even if you dont likes someone's viewpoint, you can admire their Chutzpah for standing up for what they believes in.... and learning sumpin bout dat by respecting dem and listening to what they haz to say. After all dehr am only one Jewish Country and Bibi am Prime Minister! Den you getz Chutzpah too for being respectful. Some folks decided not to haz Chutzpah today and didn't attend the speech.

Now fur some Furry Good Mewz and Mewz Fur Helps!
Furstly, Winnies Wish Auction did furry good!  And our Teddy Bears are going to get a mew home.  We are going to pay for the shipping of the bears for our donation.

Yet there am a blogging kitty who needs helps and they have not received anything just yet.  Honey P. Sunshine Kitty at had opurrayshun in October for Sarcoma on her paw.  They wants to thanks every one for their support, but they really needs funds to help with vet bills and they have not had any comments today yet either.  You can go to their fundraiser here....

Please share about Honey and leave comments cause we dont have as many followers as other bloggers do... we will try to help some too, 

Purrz from Toby, Lil Bear and Katie.


  1. Your Teddy Bears will be furry happy in their new home. We helped with Miss Chrystal's fund raiser too.

  2. Toby, Bear and Katie, yous always giv us da leaky eyes. Good news or bad news yous always twyin' to help udders too. Fank you fur all you do and fur yous big hearts fur udder ppeeps and kitties. Weez awe so purroud to be yous furiends. Weez a bit behind as usual, but we always twy to wead yous bloggy and visit anyone you send us too. We can't always help wiff gween papers, but we can and do purray fur them and y'all. We fur sure unnewstand 'bout those medicines and purrices. Da fawmacy companies make us angwy too and we wish sumfin' kuld be dun 'bout it. But purrlease don't go wiffout yous heart medicine. Ifiin sumfin' wuz too happen to you hoo wuld take care of evewypawdy. Anyways, weez be wamblin' on, so weez'll hush now and say we lluv ya' and be purrayin' fur y'all. Stay warm and get sum extwa cuddles.

    Luv ya' bunches

    Dezi and Lexi


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