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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Thankful for Midnight Litter Runs and Lil Bear

Tons of litter...mol
And more litter
Been putting this errand off for several days... but finally went early this morning around 1Am.... Hooray for 24-7 Walmart and tons of Feline Fresh Litter...  I love the peaceful quiet of shopping at night and the weather had been warm today. So night time temps were purr-fect.

I have asthma and several kitties who don't tolerate clay... Pine Shavings stretch out the litter so we have enough for all the kitties... 

And when I came back to my adopted brother's house, (aka Uncle Mike to the kitties), before I got busy changing boxes, somebody was hiding under the couch cover...  Who could that be?

Who dat???

Whatcha doin' kitty cat?

Lil Bear just had to play cat and mouse with me! Yes at 2 in the morning.... 

After Bear played grab my hand from under the blankie for a while, Oreo stopped by to see what Bear was doing... and got pounced on!

Oreo didn't stay to play. He took off for the safety of the kitchen.

Then I had to change boxes...Playing with Benjamin Lil Bear made the litter box changing no longer a chore! Thanks Bear-Bear!

Well it's 7:30 am and I'm off to my house to change boxes for Angel, Molly and Ellie May. And then take a nap.

After that, I hope to get the Teddy Bears box shipped to the Auction winner from Winnies Wish Auction....  We didn't get all our blog visiting done Sunday night... or much this week - so look for us this weekend!  We will be sure and do lots of visiting on Saturday nights...

Happy Thursday!


  1. We sure go through tons of litter here!

  2. Mommy likes to shop at those hours too. She sez da store is purractically all hers. MOL Dat's a lot of litter yous got. Course there's just 2 of us and mommy still needs da 40 pound bag at least once a mumff. But dat's cuz sis llexi wecently diagnosed wiff CRF pees a lot. MOL Weez glad yous chore turned into a joy. Weez purrayin' fur y'all.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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