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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Siamese Kitten Rescue and Max Checkup

Friday -  Before Rescue 4wks
After Rescue (Dawn bath killed 30 fleas)
Sunday New Mommy Found
Sky on Monday at 4ever Home with Goats milk

Sky has four siblings not rescued...(Tuxie, Black long hair, Tabby and Tortie) and Feral Mama still needs trapped and spayed.  Sky's siblings won't come to the porch with Mom for several days and I can't find them. Mom came this morning to eat without her kittens again.

Raining today and I'm worried for the babies' safety....More Story later.

Max at another Vet Visit Yesterday

Rash is nearly gone... Hooray!
(See also Max at last vet visit post)

But not the fleas.

Still having flea wars...  need to buy Advantage -
(Walmart 4 for 45.00  - Brother gets discount and need at least 3 more boxes ) 

  • Got three indoor girls who need spayed: Lulu, Annie May and Kody's Mom.
  • One outdoor girl needs trapped and spayed
  • Two outdoor abandonned boys need neutered
  • and Kody needs his shots and neutered soon.

This month have to stretch money for 5 weeks vs 4 and always at least a couple hundred short  - the babies really need your help to make it to the next fixed income check.  I'm giving away my Art Card Collection of wonderful cat artists to anyone who helps Katiez Katz this year.... Here are two examples of lovely 21/2 x 3/12 ACEOs (Art Cards Editions and Originals) that I'm giving away - going to be an art card surprise for everyone!!.  - Regina Daniels cards are very rare because she has stopped painting recently...

"Art4You" Blue Kitten
Regina Daniels "Grey Kitten in Garden"

Senior Day at Blog Paws - We have two "seniors"
Katie Too at 12 years

Nana Mom's cat, BiBi is abt 14.... )


  1. Thanks for taking such good care of these sweeties!

  2. best best fishes guys...we hope EVEREE THING werks out for de ab sew loot best for all ♥♥♥

  3. I'm so glad that Sky was able to be rescued and found a forever home already. I hope that you will be able to catch the Mom and siblings. Those feral/stray cats can be tricky.

  4. Hope you can find the other kittens. Sky is so cute, an even ferals make great pets. Just takes some work.

  5. Weez so glad da little kitty got a home and da rash is almost gone. Weez sendin' lots and lots of purrayers .

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  6. That's wonderful that Sky already found a forever home! Purring that you can catch the mommy and the other kittens...


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