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Sunday, January 14, 2018

A Wittle Update about Foster Kitties

Hello Folks, It's Sunday Selfie Time and just Peachy and Me today... Angel am napping somewheres.
Miss Peach

Miss Peach -Well the Mom left off my beautiful tail and gotted her foot instead... Guess feet need selfies too sometimes... 

Chiquita - We am posting a furry short update today about the foster kitties, Bo and Mickey. 

Bo and son Mickey

Peachy - They went to Manhattan, Kansas on Friday - Mom drove two hours up and two hours and so back.  They gotted their opurrayshuns at the Kansas State Mobile Vet Unit.  

After their oppurayshuns, they went to be with Cattail of Manhattan, KS.  On Mom's Facebook page, there am already somebodies who am in loves with Bo and Mickey!  We am so glad that Natalie Young will find them the bestest home or homes.

Chiquita - Well I am glad they ams gones... I just like you dear Peachy and sometimes I likes Angel.

Jeremiah Midnight
Peachy - yes you are furry picky.... Bo and Mickey wanted to be friends... They like other kitties so that will help them find good homes.  Will gives you mew updates about them furry soon.  

We gotted an updated about Jeremiah Midnight! Hims the spokes kitty in our New Year's banner. Sweet kitty went through alot - abandoned, attacked by a mean kitty and had big owie on his leg... all healed now and fur has grown back. Natalie Young and Cattails helped him get the bestest home and him am getting lots of loves!  We loves good mewz!!

Purrz and stuffs til next time,
Peachy and Chiquita with the Mewz today.
Katiez Furry Mewz


  1. I just love good news updates. Fantastic news for all the kitties. And pretty Selfies too.... do you think the other foot will want to do a selfie too, now it’s mate has been in, Mol
    Toodle pips and purrs

  2. That is terrific news from JM, we're so happy he has a good home!

  3. Purrs for some good updates
    Great news from you all

  4. That is a long drive, sorry she had to go so far, but I am glad it got done.

  5. What wonderful good news! We are so happy that Jeremiah Midnight is all better, and in a forever home. :)

  6. Photobombed by a foot, now that is a new one for us. MOL!!!


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