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Friday, March 31, 2006

Hiya Goliath

"The fool performs a sacred role in the community...
a teller of truth, standing naked in the marketplace, confronting the powerful, with playful disorder."
—Ken Feit

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Pavlov's Cat

Pavlov’s Dog experiments have been published extensively…

You know—

Day 1: Rang Bell
Dog ate food.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Dog ate more food…

Day 3: Rang Bell
Dog ate my leg…

But not much has been published of his cat experiments until recently.

Day 1: Rang Bell
Cat twitched ear and went back to sleep.

Day 2: Rang Bell
Cat went to answer the door.

Day 3: Rang Bell
Cat said, “There is a bell ringing.”

Day 4: Went to Ring Bell
But cat had stolen the batteries.

Day 5: Rang Bell
Cat put paw on bell. It only made a thunk, thunk, thunk noise.

Day 6: Cat Rang Bell.
I ate food.

-Eddie Izzard, Host. Wembley, "We Know Where You Live," Amnesty International Anniversary Celebration (His Day 1 for Cat--slightly different)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hangin Onta Branchie

Im not a funni Katie right now...
well... maybe.... cud be...

I tink I jus hang onto 2 dis branchie.

Mommi say if she inta New York, she cud du funni shtik and dey wud laff...
but here in dis wittle town she not so sure bout dat.

So she gotta get serious jobbie... So she dont fall down....
ut Mommi gonna keep goin... cuz she wuv hur hubbie.

n cuz she owe hur big brudder n sistur dis huggie...
n a fishie toy fur dehr doggie...
she wunder if dey laff at dah pixturs she gave way...
cuz datz all dat waz fur... ta give lafter away on hims purrth-day...

she wike ta draw rohses n I wike smellin dem.

she wanna draw pixturz n France... dey speek purr-tee.
My step brudder Bear... he purr when da Newz guyz speakin French...

Mommi say bohn jur awot... what dat fur?

I go sleepi on monitur now... i cold n it warm.

bye bye.