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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sum Furry Furstdid Fotos

Looks at wat weze found!! Some old fotohs of me andPuzzles Mommee. Dis here waz Puzzles... She was a little gurlHere she iz furree sick wifs numohnyah... Katrin missus hur....
I don't remembur much cuz I was 1 monfs old when she
went ovfur the bridge.

Herez sum reel funnee fotohz whnz
I was just weeks old
in 1989

Pweez rubs my tummee! (5 weeks)

Tat waz a skweekee toy.... I thot it was weerd... cuz it not had no fur!!! Sohz Katrin Gotted me a fuzzy bear.

Here iz my 3 Coompear to Bear fotohs:

4 weeks old

14 week and 2 dayz

1 Year Old!!! in 1990 >>>>

Hopez sums uvs y'all gots to seez a Pashun play furr Rezuerrecshun Sunday 2008....
Weze sawz one dis morning on ta inturnetz! Dat waz spektakularlee amayzing!
Ize Seen 19 Easturs!! And dats was da day Katrin Savedid Mee!!
Cuz Puzzlez was sick and I losted my bruther and sistur....
Katrin feds me wif an eyedropper!!

Remembur dat Life iz Beeyootieefull
and it's okayz to be Eccentrically Meshuganeh!!
Happee Eastur, Pureemz, and Passovfur...

Spunky Boo Bear and Katrin.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Hi ya!! Diz iz my furvarite fotoh!!

Katrin.... datz my mummee purrson. I callz hur Katrin cuz I knohz datz hur naym.... butz I had sum toofees remoofed sum two yehrz agohz... I don't like talkin so much now. But I luvz my Katrin... She rayzed me frum 3 dayz old!!! She taught me lotz uv wordz and I knohz all uv tat...
Katrin gotz the scannur workin... Sheze gonna luk fur moh fotoz and post dem heer to Celabrate my 19th Good Furree Day!!! Ize Made It to 19 yehrz old! Wellz not offishally.... In 1979 - Good Furry Day waz in Aprul... But IZe been true 19 Good Furry Days!!
Soh Looks Fur an Updated Parts As weze here at the Laftur Saftee Valv Comeeshun
Celabrate dat Mirakul uv Life --

Ize waz a mirakul on Good Furry Day 1979 and Ize Still HEAR!!

And Ize a Big Fan uv Jeezuz... jus likes Richard Belzer. (L&O: SVU)
My Kittee Puzzles mommee waz dyin uv numonyah. She wuz a tuxie likes Katee Too And Bootsie. Ize waznt saposed ta be alive, butz IZE DID!!! Katrin fed meez wit eye droppur an Ize jus da size uv hur hand.
Katrin Mommee naymed me Spunkee cuz in da dikshunary Spunkee comed from da werd Sponge and dats an old old word meaning Redeemed. Bet u didnt knoz dat. Bet u thot Spunky just meen dat I gotz Chutspah or sumpeen funnee in British stuffinz... Now uze knohz bettur.
So uze all have a Happee Katurday
And BEE Excellant to Ones anuffur!!
Puzzles' Spunky "Boo Boo" Bear.
Jr. Exec CEO (Certified Eccentric & Ornery)
Lafter Saftee Valve Comeeshun

Friday, March 21, 2008

Bootsie Furry Furstid Foto

Ize jus 3 muffins old, Nohfembur 2007.
Oooh. dis my furst timez fotoh effur! I waz rescrued frum a slavage lard...
umm Mummie... whats dat. I meanz a savage yard.... oooh neffurs mine.
day hadz carz n truks n scaree noiseez....

Da Biggur Kitteez waz mean n Ize starvin n had a feevfur... sohz Laydee
Dat Werkd Dehr tooks me hom... she hadz Big Doggeez sohz she gavez
me to Naybur Laydee.

Ize scardid n hid in da baftubbee...til da Nayburz Dahtur Laydee cayme.
dats my Big Sistur Mummie she tooks mee homez n feds mee....

Mee wz limpin n stuffinz sohz sheeze tooks mee to Murgeencee Vetteez Peeplez. dey waz goodz...dey shavdid my shohdur n tooks owt da swellin frum Meen Boy Kittee byte. and putdid dis funnee lizabeefin collar on my head.... why dey doo dat??

Mee not gonna tayk da tubee out uv my shohdur!?!
Ize not dumb ya knoh. Mee wittle n stuffins n mee head dragdid wif da collar!!

Sistur Mummie not shoh doze fotohz... she say dey not defelopped.... floppee bunnee sumpin...
Ize dunnoh dat. but dah froggee fall down... Ize play wif him.... oohh... Ize tellin stohree otayz...

Antee wayz day givs mee stuffs dat tayst wikes bubblez gum....Mummee whatz dat? oohh Ize didnt wikes bubblez gum stuffinz

Big Sistur Mummie mayd mee tayk dat and Ize gots bettur.... Den she tayks me to see Mistur Doctur Johnson. dats wher Mummee and Ize pwayed froggee fall down... waitin ta see Dah Doctur Johnson. (orz dats whn weze sawz himz nex tihmz? Ize furgotz. ) ...and he tookdid out dat tubee and da sticheeze and Hiz Sistant tookdid
dis furry furstdid fotoh...dat waz bax in Nohfembur
but Ize had diz bald shohdur fur umteem weeks and stuffoms.... whilez mee growed... Uze kin kinda seez wher dat mize rite shohdur iz shavdid in da fotoh....den Ize growed furz bak...
mee grow did wotz sence din...

Sistur Mummee sayz Ize wittle!! Furz a big gurl... Ize an itsee bitsee Bootsie!

Sistur Dayzee iz wayz biggur den meez.... Dayzee chases meez n sheze getz in trubbel fur dat.
I wikes Kaytee Tooh...cuz weze Tuxie katz. Kaytee sayz Ize a Mini Mee.... Mummee whatz dat?.

Ize dun wit dat stohree. bye bye.


Monday, March 17, 2008

Daisy iz a Daffodilly

Dis is my new sister.... hur naym iz Daizy Daffodil

Deys waz taken in Novembur b4 she gotz biggur den me!

HOW UN DIGNIFRIED!!! Mawmie, pweze tellz me dat I nevur looked wike dat evfur!!
Dats one Daffy Daisy Dilly.....
OH Wellz. I promiced too talks about da nu movee.... Sheesh .

Mawmie, How cum Daizy gets to be in da movie??? She's so Daffo dilly....Ohz iz dat why??? cuz she's a daffo dilly? She getz ta make a fool uv hurself den...And eat yummies, too?? Hey dats not fair!!!
Wait... whuts Ize complainin bout? I getz ta be assistent prudusur. Sohz I kin tell Daizy what to do!! Oh goodz dats bettur. Backs ta werk on editing dis hear skript called The Daisy Deli Caper. It's dis mystery uv wher da turkey went...I kin tell ya wher da turkey went!! Daizy gotz it!! She getz ta eat it and evfurting! ( Oopsies, Ize complainin 'gin..)
Anywayz, dehrz deze characturz played by Mawmie and two guyz... Da guyz get da be Detective Basil and Detective Lunch... Mawmie iz da witness and da mop lady. Rite now, Mawmie iz trainin Daizy fur her part in da movie...She grabs da turkey and jumps offa da table in da interogashun room. (I want some turkey too, Mawmie!! Oh... Okayz... I waitz til weze done writin...)
Well weze showz picturz uv my udder new sister on da next timez... Her name iz Bootsie Woo. She's a tuxie too, but vewry wittle for a big gurl... she gets ta play Miss Super Stunt Kitty, but all she reelly duz iz chase a mop!! Okayz Ize done now. wherez my turkey?!?
Here's to Moody Monday, on a Saint Patties Day!!
-Katie Ann Kitty Too. =^..^=

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bye Bye Snow Baby

Kitty's Snow Baby
July 2, 1992 - March 4, 2008
Snow Baby went over the bridge on Tuesday, March 4.

He was 15 1/2...
with lots of probwems wif hiz tummy and took insulin shotz
He wouldnt eat for Mawmee and stopd drinking water
Mawmee took him to da vettie and he passed away in Dr. Johnson's arms.

Weze gonna miss him lotz...