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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Weze furry sorree 4 bads repurrt.

Hai Dis Iz Bootsie Woo Wif
Our bad reepurrts.

Furst (GOOD NOOS) -
Midori gived us 4 Squillionz n Crochet cat toyz ta help wif da furry funny fotoh contest. Da Creek Cats n Midori waz onlee onez dat entered - So we gonna sind a squillion to da Creek Cats (dey gets ta pik).


Din we gonna have a raffle fur da udder 3 wif da crochet cat toyz!

Secund (BAD NOOS) - Da monee wee still had frum our bloggin frindz waz bout 80 dollarz. We waz gonna use dat 4 vet paymint, but dis what happened - Mawmee was werkin part times lookin aftur a frind's hubbie, Wayne. Jus whn we waz gonna put dis 80 stuff on our vettie bill - Wayne went inta hopsital n him wents ovfur da bridge. Da home health care woodn't givs mahmee mohr assignmints cuz dey jus hired hur ta look aftur Wayne.
We hadta use dis green fings fur human food n gas n cat food...weze bin not bloggin cus we wanted furry goods noos, but we dont gots much uv dat. cept dat mawmee gotted hur food card..(dat helps)... n she gonna c a breethin spesulist tamorroh. Hur gotted asthma an haz trubble wiff all our kitteh dandur n wheet n moldies n lots uv chemikals.

Den Mawmee wents ta gets a food card frum da guv mint... it caym las week.
Hur kan git bean food... but not kitteh foodies. Hur is tryin ta gets SSDI fur dizabillatee (mawmee what dat?) she may goh to lawyr fur helps.

andy wayz she gotz pointmints fur disabled stuffomz cuz she kant werk full times noh morh - too hard on all da pain in hur joints n stuffoms like CFIDS...n bad cartilage in hur knees, essential tremor (like parkinsons). Dis all bin purrgressive.
(Sind email fur Detalez)


Nao Granmamee cant pay da house paymints...hur is behind. Hur needs morh din 5 hundred green fings...
We iz asking helps... pleeze email evfurry buddee.
Hur wants ta go ovfur da bridge too. Hur is furry disabled and kant goh outside... she iz givin ups on life. Hur gots too much pain all dayz long.

Too much ta tells it all here - frum bak surjuree n a brain surjery (headaches all day) - and morh stuffoms... (email mawmee fur detalez)

We waz jus gonna sindz an email, cuz we dont finks evfurry ones shoods c dis cuz dehr is furry bads peeple beanz ya knoh.

But we iz furry worreed. mawmee wont stay hohm wif us... whn she hom she just goh sleepi... we iz furry skairt fur our mawmee. pleez dis is furry bad.

We luvs you.
Bye Bye.
Bootsie Woo.

We try n gits dis raffle goin in da next update....


  1. We's sending lots of purrs and purrayers yours way.

  2. Sending you many many huggs and purrayers and wishing all the best for you guys.

  3. Oh, dear, I am sending you lots of (((hugs}}} and keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. We're so sorry that things are bad at the moment. We're purring and purraying and sending positive thoughts to you guys, to your Mom and to your Grandma.

    Big hugs to all of you,

    Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

  5. Sending lots of purrs and positive vibes to your family!

  6. Hmmm. Did blogger eat our comment or did we just dream we posted it last night -- LATE last night?

    We are sending lots of purrs and grrrs your way too. And Jan is praying things will turn around for ALL of you!

  7. we's purrin' an' purrrayin', an' mom sended some green papers. we wishes we could bail you out all the way!!

    best fishes, yer pals,
    the meowers

  8. We are prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring and wagging our tails and purraying for you all!


    Zeke, Sushi, Tiger Lily and Ruckus

  9. I hope God send you the miracle that you need. Please tell your grandma not to give up...stay close to your mommy right now as she needs to feel your love and support.

  10. We put a tiny tip into your jar...wish it could have been more but I just had a very serious surgery and have to give my Vet lots of green papers....

  11. Thank you so much for coming to our blogoversary party! It sure wouldn't have been as much fun without you! We do hope you had a really good time too and not too much of a 'nipover'!
    The Cat Realm
    And lots and lots of purrs for you!!!


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