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Monday, July 06, 2009

Daisy's Kittenz at Two Weeks

Hiya! Dis here is mai Special Kitten Unit takin a nap.

Bella is da tortie sleepin on Elliott (L&O:SVU) who iz upside down showin himz Domino tummy

(my babiez all gots dat)

Den Harlee (for Belzer's wife) iz sleepin on Olivia (Elliott's partner)!

Den Munchie (for Richard Belzer) iz at abt six o'clock...
Dis dont needz noh morh wurdz...

Daisy May
Next updates Abt Daisyz and babiez miracle stuffoms!
(Photo taken around Tuesday 9th of June, 2009)
Bella iz named fur Bella the Movie, winnur of da Toronto International Film Festival.


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