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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Finally Noo Born Fotohz!

(Daisy n babies Erly Eve-Tues 26 May 2009)

Mai babiez had dehr 4 week old purrthday yesserday! Happy Purrthday!

I gotz 3 gurlz n 2 boyz! Dey iz
Elliott (1st born?)
Bella (2nd born)
Munchie or Jon Jon
and Harlee.

(Big Mom isn't sure what order Olivia Jon Jon and Harlee were... Hur finks dat Harlee was last, cuz da last baby borned was smaller.)

Elliott is da biggest boy. Him gots lite grey fur wif stripes.
Bella is a sweet dark tortie gurl wif long waist
Olivia is lite grey wif sum orange on hur face wif a quiet mew.
Jon Jon is drker grey and kinda smaller den Elliott
Harlee is darker grey and mai smallest baby. Hur iz furry brite. Hur loves watchin stuff. Hur watched me cleen mai face wif mai paw. Hur lurned how ta licks hur paw! I knoh hur will lick hur face wif dat paw furry soon! (Hur bin watchin me jump outa da kitten box... I gots ta corral dat gurl fore hur triez jumpin!)

Dey iz lots uv work but I luvs dem! Big Mommy bin givin me lots of good foodies... I gets time for restin morh and morh.... Now dat dey is 4 weeks, Big Mommy helpin me teech dem ta licks offa fingurs n spoons... cuz dey is gettin sharp little toofs!

Bella sorted dis out reel goods. Hur licks offa Big Mommiez fingurs taday.

Harley likes watchin stuff soh I licked da spoon while hur waz watchin. Den hur put a paw on da spoon soh Mommie lowered it and Harley sniffed da foods!! Da uther babies still figurin dis owt...

Mom puts sum turkey baby food on dehr lips and dey lick dat... I gotta keep showin dem what ta do by licking Moms fingurs... more lessons tamorroh.

Dis Sum fotohs uvs me n da babiez frum dehr Born Day May 26 2009

Here I iz cleenin mai furst born...

Diz iz all mai babiez n me in dehr crib (box)... one uv da gurlz iz under da uther!

morh fotohz and da video furry soon!

Daisy and hur Babiez.


  1. Such cute photos! The babies here have been starting to climb out of the box, so watch out for yours! We have a video that we put up yesterday, plus Monday's video. More to come! :)

  2. Those babies are very cute!!!
    Our mom is bottle feeding 5 orphaned kittens right now. Daisy is a very good mommy!

  3. What lovely little kittens, they sure are growing fast and Mum looks so proud!

    Keep eatin' up da fuuds Bootsie Woo too!

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. The babies are growing up so well! Daisy is a good mother cat.

  5. Those are just the cutest babies, ever! I've fostered litters and when I did I got no work done at all. I just sat on the floor and watched the babies all day!

  6. It sounds like your momma kitty might have mastitis and that is why she is feeling poorly. Please let all of us know what the vet says. Our momma is worried.

  7. What beautiful photos. The kitties are all absolutely adorable. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Dey is furry kyoot and yoo is doin a pawfect job at bein a mommy kitteh.


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