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Friday, February 19, 2010

Cat-O-Lympics Part One

Daisy May at da Olympics: First ups iz da Extreme Climbing Event! Extreme Climbing iz at House of Cats

Daisy Starts out by climbing onto the TV.... Daisy ON TV!

Then Up she goes onto the top of the window shades!

A quick look out the window and on to the Balance Beam Event....
(Fin's Catolympics)
(cheks here for Simba's Entry!!)

Finally for her grand finale Jumping Event....
High Jumping ats
Cats In Maryland)

And down She goes!!!

Next Events: Synchronized Snoozing, Competitive Napping and
Strong Kitty!


  1. Oh, my goodness, Daisy, what a purrformance! Medal-winning in all three categories, we're sure. Very impressive!

  2. That is really impressive Daisy Mae. You really did all the events in one swoop. Good job and lots of medals for you.

  3. Hey, you're really good at this. You combine events. Good luck.

  4. Wow! Combining two events into one!! Now that's impressive!!

  5. *wowza*

    That is totally pawsome!!
    We think you're gonna medal in more than one competition!

    purry purrs

  6. oh my gosh, i am very impressed by all these kitty-limpicks! it looks very hard. is it lots of fun? i do not know if i could compete. it is very cool that you guys sometimes sleep holdin your mommie's paw too! it is my second favorite way to sleep. maxwell tigger, you are very handsome! do you fall in luffs easily, or am i really just that pritteh? ::bats lashes:: ::gets distracted, bats catnip heart instead::

  7. WE are very impressed with the climbing skills! We have posted our awards ceremony - you should come by!

  8. That's very impressive climbing! We're glad we didn't compete against you in this event! We could never have beaten that!

  9. My goodness me, Your Olympic moves remind me of my sister Robin! I have never been able to copy her moves.

  10. we saw Richard Belzer on tv today. a girl employee at the Apple computer store in Manhattan claimed he had choked her and called 911 when he shook her shouders wanting help in the store. 7 officers showed up and they watched store surveilence and said he was right and he didnt choke her. she still said he did. he was free to go.
    we know yall liked him.


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