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Friday, February 19, 2010

Catolympics Continued

We havs a noo catygory event fur da Cat-olympics... Tug of War wif your Human (Mom or not the Mom) event. See Daisy wayyy Below.

And Now for the Competitive Napping, Synchronized Snoozing, Strong Kitty and Where iz Bootsie Hiding?!?
First Up is Miss Daisy Daffodil napping on her roses. Competitive Napping is ats Huffle's Mawson
Den Synchronized Snoozing by the Special Kitty Unit... (Elliott, Bella, Harlee, Olivia and Munchie) Dis is a complicated feat called Snuggling. Synchronized is ats Da Island Cats
uh...Wait! Bella haz a late entry in da Balance Beam Junior Event!
Oh and Boxing... kinda sorta. Maybe dis morh Competitive Napping!!
And Den we haves Daisy and Mouse E. Cat in da Strong Kitty Event where ya knok sumpins down!!! As long as knokin urself over counts.....

During the Tug of War with Mom Event,

Daisy is about to Fall over the side of the bed... noh really!!!
maybe dis just a NOO Event Called
TUG OF WAR WIF YOUR HOOMAN!!! Daisy shows how to do dat wif a Terry Belt...any string or toy will do... Dogs iz welcome too! Tug of War wif Mom iz Funs! Just lets us knohs in da commints dat u iz purticipaytin in Tug of War!

Mouse is Weight Traning for da Strong Kitty Event - showing how to picks up a big bag of dirt and make it fall over.... Dis is in Honor of hur going over da bridge before da event took place.

Dis is ats Naughty Kitty Club's Site

Din Last but not leest is Bootsy Woo in da Hidey Event....Her is furry goods at hidin... (Dis da Olympic Truce Northern Outreach Purrject)

But wherh hur at??? Dehr Her iz!!! Under Da Table!!!


Well we iz all duns! Times to join Maxwell Tigger for some catorade and check out da other events!
Katie Ann Kitty Too


  1. You are on a roll there with the entries to the cat-o-lympics.

  2. Wow! You all are quite the cathletes!! We love your multiple synchronized snoozing entry!! Good job!

  3. What a talented bunch of cats! Excellent work!!

  4. Wowie! Zowie!! What a cool post!! We are going to check to see if we have some pictures of tug of war with the Mom!!
    Your TX furiend,

  5. We totally counted the tug of war for the Strongcat Competition! You have to come by and check out the awards at the NKC site (we run that one too, mom is just to lazy to login and out to change to that name!)


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