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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three Kittens Photos

Miri is in the back. Sammy is on the left and Toby on the right.

Maggie the Mommy is soo hard to get a photo of!

name is from a Star Trek episode where Miri and some other children were left to fend for themselves due to a plague that wiped out all the adults on the planet.

Had a vet (Dr. Adkins) make a house call Thursday to check on Miri. Dr. Adkins took a stool sample and gave her meds for tapeworms just to make sure. (Thanks to KC and ML of Catblogosphere, plus Gypsy and Tasha's Mom in Australia for your donations that paid for Miri's checkup!)

We hope to catch Maggie, their Mommy soon so she can have her lady opurrayshun! It's possible that Maggie may calm down inside a home. If she does then I can find her a home too. Once Maggie is caught, she will also need shots.

I have a voucher that will cover spaying and neutering evfurrybuddy, but no money for vaccinations for Maggie or her babies. They also need to be checked for FIV. For any donation amount, I can draw your sweeties from a photo!

The vet said she would call Friday if there were any other parasites that could be causing Miri's diarrhea, but
didn't call. So hopefully that is a good sign. Yet Miri is still having loose stools and the vet isn't available on the weekends. I am going to get some slippery elm bark that was suggested and also try them on corn free foods and see if that helps, since the boys stools are not as firm as they should be either.

When I brought in the two boys last Friday (July 9th), I laid down on the bathroom floor with them and they huddled next to me and went to sleep. Toby crawled inside my t-shirt!
So amazing that they have calmed down in such a short time! Especially Miri, who had to be caught with a kitty cage early Monday morning. Miri was bigger than the boys when I got her in the house on Monday. Probably due to being nursed longer.

Now that the boys are free of roundworms, they are catching up in their growth and are now closer to Miri's size.

Toby is still the smallest though, although it doesn't look like it in his glam photo below.

Sammy is a little fiesty, when hims loud purr purr motor isn't going a mile a minute! He even starts purring when I pick up his brother or sister, instead of him!

When Miri gets better, then will get their shots and opurrayshuns. I wish I could keep them. They have such gentle dispositions. I will be placing ads to help find their new Mommies. And closely checking all Mommy candidates!

Below are some cute photos. These photos were taken within the last two days, on Thursday and Friday. The kittens are around 12 weeks old.

More photos tomorrow... Purrz, Katie Kat


  1. Wonderful photo!

    Seems I, & Daddy are not the only ones doing rescue/adoption duty this month!

    I'm hanging in there so far, as our new member settles in. ;-D

    Good luck to your own little ones & their Mommy!

  2. Oh my those are the cutest kittens. Hope you can catch the Mom. She probably would calm down if kept in the house. Depends on how old she is and how wild she is. Some adjust and some don't. Good luck with the kittens. Have a great week end.

  3. OOoo, BABIES! Dey are beyootiful...der is nothing like a purring kitten. Hope yoo can catch da mommy real kwik, tho she prolly won't like her babies any more. Funny how dey get over being mom so fast-lol
    Hahahahaha our word verification is nomess

  4. Aw, such cuties. We hope they stay healthy and their mom is caught soon so she can be taken good care of.

    Why don't you enter enter our Summer Fun with Your Humans photo contest? The prize is a digital camera.

  5. They are just precious=cute overload!...We can't make a donation until Mommy gets paid again=best of luck with that...Hope you get Maggie soon...Happy weekend sweet friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki


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