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Monday, August 09, 2010

Miri on Monday Improving!

Miri is improving from the antibiotics. Been three days on. She is still hacking, but the wheezing has lessened and the hacking cough sounds more upper respiratory versus in the lower parts of her lungs.

She definitely has a lot more energy! She has been romping with her brothers, but still goes back to her "safety zone" sometimes, which is a chair in the living room. She likes to hide beside the laundry basket and watch her brothers playing and "the world" from there. The photo shows Toby in the hamper and Miri on the outside playing.

The Clavamox is liquid form and she hates the taste.
Wanted to share my solution.

Try this with your babies by using their favorite treat.

  • I wrap her in a towel and feed her a bit of chicken.
  • Then give her the med in an eyedropper by poking the dropper in the side of her mouth.
  • After she's swallowed most of it - some drips on her chin, I feed her some more chicken.
  • This is really working! She is tolerating the nasty stuff cause it is sandwiched between chicken bites!
Please Purr dat she keeps getting better. Hopefully next visit she can get her shots.
All the babies will need testing for leukemia... I'm just glad that Miri's immune system is working well right now.

Well every fur baby has fleas again and treatment was just two weeks ago.

Our town is having problems with Frontline working to get rid of fleas this year. Seems like the fleas are getting tougher. Will be calling Dr. Jones this morning to see what she recommends instead. Hopefully it isn't too expensive. Six treatments of flea meds... $$$$.I might be able to give the tamer babies a bath using flea shampoo, leaving the more expensive flea treatment between the shoulder blades to Justin, Jazpurr and Jordi. The three J's are calming down sooo slowly. Chicken seems to be the magic ingredient.... They still hiss at the slightest new thing, but will lick food off my fingers and Jaspurr sleeps on his back with his tummy up now!

They also don't like sharing yummies... Jazpurr will growl at Jordi and put his paw on his head.... "dis am mine!" Course then I get some off the plate and give it to Jordi anyway.

Thank you all for helping these babies... I am praying for a new Mommies for all, especially a loving patient place for the three J's, someone used to working with partial feral kitties.

More updates furry soon.
Katie Kat


  1. That is so sweet. I glad u takin care of ur kitteh pals. I hope they feels better soon! :)

  2. Glad Miri is doing better. And judging from the auction results so far, help is on the way.

  3. Sure glad to hear that Miri is doing better and playing some now. She sure is cute. The chicken sandwich sounds like a great solution to giving medicine. Our assistant will have to remember that.
    Have a terrific week.

  4. It is great that everyone is doing better - we are still purring for Miri though - hopefully it will all clear up and she will keep taking her medicine so well!

  5. We're very glad that Miri is improving and feeling much better. It does sound like it was bronchitis and not asthma. That's a neat solution with the chicken/meds sandwich!

    Advantage might be a better option for the fleas. There have been problems with Frontline not working so well in the UK too this year. Maybe an environment spray would help stopping reinfestation?

    All the best


  6. Our vet says Frontline doesn't work anymore. She has stopped selling it. We use Advantage Multi. We thinks you will have to wait before you can apply new flea treatment even though the Frontline isn't working because you don't want to overdose them. When Scylla & Charybdis were too little for flea treatment she recommended bathing in Dawn dishwashing liquid.

  7. Glad Miri is doing better, hope she continues to improve...Are you going to keep her?...The photos are just precious!...I use Advantage Multi on my outdoor babies every month and spray my yard every 2 months for fleas and do not have a problem (never put flea meds on the indoor girls unless I take them to the vet)...kisses to all your beautiful babies.

  8. I just read this over at Just Cats blog and thought it might help: Cat-tip-for-the-day=^..^=Natural Flea Control
    Brewers Yeast has been known to help in controlling fleas on your cat. You can sprinkle some on their food or give them tablets daily.
    Garlic is also used to stop fleas from bothering your cat. The garlic is known to make your cats' blood unappealing to fleas. You can purchase garlic & brewers yeast tablets at your health food store. Discuss with your vet the amount of each of these repellents you can give daily.
    Herbal Flea Collars are becoming popular now and can safely be worn on your cat throughout flea season.

  9. We stopped by to let you know that we are purring for Miri! We're very sorry about the fleas, though. We also wanted to let you know that one of our mom's senior cats tested positive for leukemia when he was little, but retested negative in a few months - he had been exposed through his mom but didn't really have it. So we hope that's true for her too. (We also know a few cats who are leukemia positive who have lived a very long time.)


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