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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Miri duz da post

And dey callz it Kitteh Luvz....
(Sammy on the left. Miri on the right. )
Miri likes Sammy purr purr brothur goh sleepy wif me.

Miri looks fur Auntie Katie Mom

Aunty Katie.... where am da posts fur Sunnyday n Monnyday and Twosomeday?

Katiez? ooh dat Katie Mom am sleepin agin! What matter? Mom duz u needs go to vets?

Gotzta do fings maisalfs...

Miri opens da bloggin postums.

Hello.... Hellooo? Dis am Miri wif updates on us kittens. On Satumday Katie Mom and Miri goez in truck on long rides to see vets. Miri like vet lady. Hur am nise.

Miri still gotted wormz.... dey iz badz make blood in mai stool. Katie Mom tooks Miri home and gaves all da kitties and Maggie Mom a pill called Drontal. Miri not likes dis pill. Am yucky. Mom feds pills wif stinky goodness. Still yucky. Make Miri eat all da pill. yucky yuck.

Mom puts flea stuff on our shoulders am called Advantage. Bye bye Fleas...

Miri tummy feel grumbly... go potty. badz worm init. bye bads worm.

Mai Brufur Jordi am bads boy... him not see goods so him goez growly lots.

Me tellz bout Maggie our Kitty Mom in nuther Post

K Thanks

Bye Bye.

Lady Miri Gentlepurr


  1. Hi Miri! We love your first post! We are sad you had to have worms still and that you had to have a yucky pill but the pill will make the worms all leave. We have had them too and you will be much happier when they are gone!

    You and Sammy look very cute together - it is good you like to snuggle together!

    And don't be too upset with Jordi - it is harder for him because his eyes don't work as good - he just needs to get used to things more probably and he will calm down.

    Bye Miri we will see you later!!

  2. You two are adorable and I love every word of your blog. And Jordi will get used to you soon. I am glad the bad wormz am bye bye.
    Love you are so sweet.

  3. You did a great job. Your mom should be proud of you. We hope all of you -- and her -- are doing okay.

  4. Great post Miri!

    Very glad that it's bye bye fleas and worms. We don't need them!

    Go easy on Jordi, he's a sweetheart really!



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