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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Da Computur am Broke

Well sumbuddy broked da compootur.... Soze Mom sez weze makes short updates. Dat weerd compootur just started makin a bads noize. Mom thot it waz da fan, but it mite be da hard drive.
Mom tried ta wake da compoorter dis mornin, but it cant finish wakin ups! It just keeps tryin ta start dat opurratin system.

We hopes dat da hard drive am nots deaded cuz Mom just puts bout ten purrty photos on it and no copies uv dem.

If it am da hard drive, Mom will hafta finds a company dats restores stuffoms from hard drives dat got dead motors.

Miri and Sammy and Toby went to vets on Monday. Miri's lungs sound okays.
Sammy had enlarged lymph glands and waz sneezin sohz him am taking pillz fur dat.
Toby am okays, just wanted to go too. Him am 4 1/2 pounds!
Sammy was almost 4 pounds. Miri over four pounds.
Da Vet lady tried da natural flee killer stuffs on dem, and day okays wif it. Whew... Mom was worried dat stuffoms mite be badz fur dem. Turned out dat Mom hads a rash, but kittiez were okayz! Mom gonna do sompin diffurnt for da shy babiez (Justin, Jordi and Jaspurr).

When Miri Sammy n Toby gotted home, dey all went sleepy fur hours and hours.... and growed some more! Sammy am over 4 pounds now! Yay! Him was all skinny n stuffoms after da last growing time. Da vet thinks dat Sammy am younger or sompin den da other kitties and will be a big boy cuz of hims big earz.

Sammy gotted sompins bads doh. Him haz juvenile glaucoma.
So does Jordi, the bicolor white. Dat meen da kittens can go blind later.
Mom am gonna cheks Jaspur and Justin to sees if dey haz bads eyes too.
And Unca Mike caughted Maggie! Hur am in a big crate to keeps hur safe til hur vet visit, but hur am hiding in da kitty carrier dat Mom puts in da big crate. Hur am all hissy mads rite now. We cant show u a photo til compootur am fixed. Mom am borrowin Unca Mikes PC.

Weze hopes to gets Maggie hur lady opurrayshun furry soon so dat hur not gets tired out from morh kittenz. But hur am all hissy spittin rite now... cause hur nots never bin in da Insideland afore.

Plz purrz fur da compootur and alla kittenz cause deyz needz homes dats understands dem.

Purrz n Stuffomz,
Katie Kitty Too
Assitant Blogger Gurl.


  1. Oh, poor guys. Not fun to think of young cats possibly going blind. We hope things go well for all of them.

    And for your computer. We know what a pain it can be!

  2. Oh we are sorry about the computer not working - we hope they can save the hard drive and pictures - our mom lost a bunch because her hard drive went bad and so far no one could recover it - but she still holds out hope and has the drive in our kitchen drawer. We will cross paws for that!

    And oh, we are so sorry that Sammy and Jordi have glaucoma - but we do know other kitties that have it and are ok still - and well, honestly being blind is bad but at least if they have good homes they are much safer - and hopefully it would be a long time before that happens (and a lot of blind kitties do just great). We are purring for them and also for Jaspur and Justin to not have it.

    And we are purring for all of you - and Maggie too, for all kinds of reasons! We hope that Maggie is able to calm down but it is great that she was caught! We are glad she is safe now!

    Purrs and hugs to all of you!!

  3. We're sorry to learn that Sammy and Jordi have Juv' Glaucoma, but with care it may not progress too quickly. Did everyone get the FeLv test? How did that go?

    They sure are growing quickly!

    Very happy that Mummycat Maggie is caught, it will be a relief to get her spayed I bet!

    Whicky Wuudler

  4. Pee Ess. Might be an idea to get a HDD enclosure, they are really useful! Not too expensive either, have saved our ape's bacon more than once!


  5. Oh we are so sorry to hear about the juvenile glaucoma, we will purr that it was caught in time and that with the proper care the kitties will be able to see for a very long time.

    We are also purrign they find the purfect home.

    Lots of purrs for Maggie that she won't be so scared and that her operation goes well.


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