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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mai brufurs all otayz

oh hai.... dis am Sammy PurrBoy

My brufurs gotted all nootered on wendyzday

Day amz doin purrtee goods

and dey looks like healin purrtee goods so far.

But dey iz hiding in der carryairz...cuz dey am shy and still a bits sore.... dey amz eatin otayz... one uf dem ate too mush wendsday nite and barfed.... yuks.

mai bruffers are sooo shy babiez and silly hissy sumtimes. Not ME!!

nope.... Ai lurves mai Katie Mom... hur am Mama

Ai tellz hur....
Ai wuf u and den I kisses her. srsly i do dat.

But I am shy of big male hoomanz.... I lurves mai gurls... Katie Mom, Miri mai sisfur and da vets lady.

I'm da baby.... Gotta lurves me!

Mama give longer repurrts after shabbat day tammoo rowz nites.... I finks.

Miri... how u spell tamoo rose???

oh..... Tomorrow nites!

Bye bye.... Mama sez me n Toby am nex to gets our stuffoms shrunk... we don know what datz am iz but me n Toby am lover boyz and gotz small stuffoms so we aint gonna miss dat none!

otay. kthx purrr prrr purrrrrrrrz

Shabbat Shalom!!!
Psalm 91
John 3:16.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Da Three Jayz Gets Nooterd

Hiya effursome buddies!

3 uvs Mai brofurz am havin dere boy vets tyme tooday.... and me am glads - dey playz ruffs wif me. Now maybe dey gets calmer....

Ai iz gurl so no boy vets tyme fur me!!!

Miri looks at Mom.... Ai have gurl vets tyme???
oh.... Miri runs away.

Not Toodayz!!!

Plz purr fur mai brofurs dats dere nooterin goez okayz,

Lady Miri Gentlepurr

From left to Right:
Jazpurr (white) , Justin (black) and Jordi (white, bicolor eyes)


Thursday, October 07, 2010

Doggiez and Bunniez

Here am the drawing I'm sending to the gal who ordered three. I am still working on the other two dog photos she ordered (below).


Here am a wile bunneh dat Mom drawed.... We likes dat.
Am missing parts of himz earz....
Katie Kitty Too
This bunny is about 6 x 8 on 8 x 10 cardstock.
The Beagle is a 4 x 6 Mailing it with the Beagle drawing below to a dear selling friend at

Next Blog Entry: Maggie and the six kitties Update!

Katie Ann Kitty Too.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Whare ourz postums?

Mom! Whare ourz postums?

What happin to u?

Did u get to vets? Am u betturz now?

We am furry sorry. Must infurm u dat our Mom's brain waz broked… her had go to vets on Thirstyday. Get hur brane glued bak togevurr. Miri mades hur takes pillz. Yucky Pillz…. Now Hur am betturz.

Purrz n Stuffs, Da Kitty Nurse,

Lady Miri Gentle Purr.
Srsly… Have any of you been wondering about..... " What happened to Katiez Furry Mewz?
What happened to The Purple Kattery?
Where are my kitty drawings for donating funds to help your rescued kittens?
Q. Earth to Kat!!! Earth to Kat!! Where are you???
A. Oh Hi. Where have I been? Besides my computer crashing the first of September and that I sprained my drawing thumb almost two months ago and is only now really beginning to heal??? (I did try to do some drawings with a brace on and messed them up…. Being almost 50 is not fun.)
I found the parts of my brain that have been missing since late June.
Q. WHAT??? That makes no sense…. Wait, where were your missing brain cells???
A. Well, the ADHD / Depression monster took them.
Q. But how did that mean monster get your brain parts?? I thought ADHD monsters were a myth made up by teachers in league with a secret conspiracy to control our children.
A. No they exist... and this one found a weakness in my force field… yep. I was on the wrong medication. Force fields don’t work without the right amount of Seritonin Re-uptake Inhibitor
Q. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?!??! Should we notify Mulder and Scully from X-Files?
A. I haven’t a clue, but it sounded better than my cat ate your drawings…
For anyone who knows someone with physical brain impairment or experiences misfires in their own brain will tell you that the brain can actually trick the person into thinking that they are fine, all the while decision making functions are thrown into a blender with some crushed ice, bananas and strawberries…I wouldn’t drink that smoothie if I were you.
So here is where everything stands right now. I have been given a new prescription for a stronger SRI dosage per day. Pray for my brain…. Seriously.
Everyone will get a drawing done… but I have to reschedule things and try to do it as fairly as possible.
Secondly, some folks ordered drawings but didn’t pay in advance. Some folks made down payments. Some folks paid in advance 'cause the kittens I rescued needed funds ASAP.
One friend ordered three drawings of dogs in advance. Two of the same dog – one when younger, one when older, and a drawing of another dog. I have finished the drawing of the dog when older.
One order already paid of a dog is waiting for another drawing (not paid) of a bunny to be shipped together.
One friend paid in advance asked for a refund due to change in how many animals still in possession.
I will be sending a personal email with more specifics. Here is the general list, which will help keep me on task and help you all know what I’m doing, too.
  1. I will be updating my blog about what happened and will be sending personal thank you’s to all who helped send money to aid the kittens (now 6 months old and still need homes and FeLV Testing!).
  2. One friend who paid in advance has different babies now and wants to wait for me to draw them later, but keeps da monies for da Rescued Kitties!!! (THANK YOU!!).
  3. The friend with three drawings – I will send the drawing of the one dog for now. Free.
  4. I will do the bunny drawing next (free) and send it with the dog drawing already paid.
  5. I will do the three who sent money through the Blogosphere Auction to help with my sweet kitty rescue.
  6. I will then begin working on the drawings that were ordered in advance: first the friend who initially paid in advance and the two left from the friend who ordered three.If none of the above fits you… and you hads a drawing ordered, plz be looking for your specific email with more details… it am all goods.
    My sincerest apologies to all for my broken brain. It is in the process of being glued back together.
    Please, please send any questions or comments.
    Your forever friend and actual crazy cat lady…
    Kat-Renée Kittel