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Friday, September 23, 2011

Bootsie Mewz: Purrz fur Sweet Praline, Miss Peach, Beau and Opus

Update on da update... 

Dis am Bootsie... fur folks dat has bin askin... My health iz da bestest.   I iz goods and happier now I hadz my lady surgery last April.  I loves rolling around and getting tummy rubs even more den ever!  My scar is hard to findz!!  and I iz furry glad bout dat!  And Mom sayz da bloodworks waz goods and dats I hads all my shots n stuffs.  I am turning 4 I finks... Mom is gonna chek on dat.

Whilez we ams bin gone from bloggin, sum furry sads fings happined.

We am furry sadz dat Sweet Praline has gone over the bridge. We amz honored and blessed thats the Mom got to draw this beautiful angel last year before hur went over the bridge.

We am glad dat Sweet Praline am watching over Truffle da sweet kitty now at Paula's house onda Sweet Purrfections Blog.

We am furry sadz bout Miss Peach goin over the bridge. We love Miss Peach and hopes to meets da gentle kitty in heaven.

Yet her iz waiting fur her Mommy, just like my kitty brutherz n sister, Sandy, Snow Baby, Boo Bear n Mouse amz waitin fur our Mommy n me sumdaze to be wif dem. And other kittiez dat I dint gets to meet yet dat Mommy loved am ther, like Sammy, Jason, Aone, Kitty and Marbles.  (Aone n Kitty waz our grand mommiez cats).

We am also sadz dat Mr Beau's Mommy went to heaven.  Yet we know dats when Daddy God calls Beau home, he will gets to leap into Cathy's arms! So we amz joyfull bout dat part. Psalm 91.  To leave a message, send flowers, etc. to Cathy's Family, go here:  For Mary Catherine Davis.
See Also Beau gets a new furever home.

Me n Katie Too am gonna be lates to Gracies to congrats Opus on himz purrthday.  Opus Birthday Pawtee!  (chek out da comments for how I fell in da punch bowl.  I hear dat Opus laffed so dats okay cuz lafter iz goodz medicine!)

And weze makin a joyful mewz dats Opus amz 16 hooman yearz old!!! Hooray!

Purrz and stuffs,
Miss Bootsie Woo,
da roll around onda table kitty

P. S.  Two more comments and Ize Post sum drawings the  Mom dids last year!

Coming furry soon:  postiez updates bouts da foster kittiez at Momz bruthers howse:
Miri, Sammy, Toby, Boo-Boo, Jordi, Jazzpurr and Tommy der Daddy!