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KFM fosters thru a licensed Kansas rescue
Katiez Katz stay with different family members.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Show Your Diva Day

Dis our bestest Diva foto.  
After all us Divas love being brushed.
In Memory of Sweet Praline,

Purrz n Prayerz frum Princess the Diva Gurl.


da Mom has sum furry good mewz bouts her biopsy.  
Results were all benign!

Purrz,  Da Katie Katz.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dont Mess Wif Texas and Furry Miracle!

Hi effurrybuddiez

Kansas am still here after lots of bads storms n Tornaydoez
on Saturdayz.  Sum folks Lost ther homes and 5 people went to da rainbow bridge in Oklahoma.  To gets da noos bout da storms, plz check out  Dere am a kind purson who saved a kitteh out of the rubble of tornado-damaged house.
 Miracle Mewz From
Rick Plumlee/The Wichita Eagle

A tiny feline survivor

More than 14 hours after a tornado blew a hole through his father’s house in Oaklawn and scattered debris across the area, Ken Gardner heard a tiny meow.

He started digging through the rubble Sunday afternoon and found a tiny tiger-striped kitten, scared but alive.

Gardner took the kitten inside his father’s house, and gave it some milk.

His father, Larry Gardner, slept through the tornado that damaged his home Saturday night, which included a soccer sized hole all the way through to the inside wall next to his bedroom.

A Sedgwick County sheriff’s officer knocked on his door around 11:30 p.m. or midnight after the damage had taken place, but he just went back to bed.

“There’s nothing I could have done. It was dark,” Larry Gardner said.

Neither Larry Gardner nor his son know where the kitten came from or how it ended up beneath rubble of the backyard tool shed.

They plan to keep the cat and named it Twister.


Read more here:

Read more here:
Da wind tried ta blow us all awayz on Sunnydayz!
But We am still here!!!  Hallelujah!

Princess am still waiting fur hur furever home....
 Dis mai favurit photo cuz hur am licking her noze!

And da mom mades a noo artworks just bout Texas!

Dis am called an ACEO - (Artist Certified Editions and Originals) ACEOs am only 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches.
Dis Eagle wif Texas Flag am made wif acrylic paints and up on eBay.   Anybuddiez kin bids on the Momz furry furst Eagle Texas Flag Art card!

$$$ will helps pay back da funds borrowed fur Princess vet bills.

Mom luved makin dis one soo much her will makes more if lots of folks likes dis one.  If u wants to bids on dis one,
Plz  go to TEXAS ACEO 

If you don't gotz an eBay account, din u kin bids in da comments and Mom will make anuthers one fur u. Plz leeves ur bloggy address or hows to reach u by other meenz likes facebook or sumpin.
Course each one am hand drawn and painted so no two will be alikes!  And will be signed (to the buyer) and numbered on the back. Starting bid am 2.00 plus .60 shipping for U.S and Canada (1.00 shipping fur other countries.)

Katie Ann Kitty Too 

Mom am healing goodz and we almost hads ta use a plastic collar to keeps hur from scratchin da surgery. Will knohz bout hur biopsy results next week.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Resurrection Morning

We purrs dat ur Resurrection Day (Easter) and Passovers has bins furry goods dis year.

L'shana habaah b'yerushalayim.
(next year in Jerusalem)

Update on..Prints of Mom's Painting  (Resurrection Morning) we didn't sell any but dat's okay.

Plz purr for our Mom.. hur had surgery on Good Fridayz to gets a biopsy.

Her am furry sore and it am hard to type much stuffoms today.

Plz purr fur Princess to finds her furever home furry soon.

katie too and da katz gang.

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Selling Painting Prints for Princess and the Gang.

Hiya! Princess waz having eye trubblez cuz her whiskerz were getting in her eyes!  So The Mom trimmed the long curly whiskers.  Course she left all da other ones alone.

Princes eyes am doing much better now.  Her am getting real feisty.  Mom tried to take her photo outside so she didn't have to use the flashy thing, but Princess jumped off the porch chair and ranned her little legs faster den Mom!! Dat waz a big chase for a little girl!

The Mom has prints of her furry first painting up on Ebay.  Bid starts at only 99 cents plus 2.00 shipping and handling.

Original was created in 1989 and is registered at the Library of Congress.

8x 10 prints are limited to 25 and will be signed, dedicated to buyer and hand numbered.


Proceeds from this auction will help da fostered cats, especially Princess the petite Persian find a new home.

Highest bid will be numbered (by hand) 1 of 25 - Printed April 2012.
 Second Highest bid will be numbered (by hand) 2 of 25 - Printed April 2012, etc. 

Katie and da Katz Gang.