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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Doobie Davey and A Comment Update

Doobie Davey the Brave,
a chubby build, sweet talkative 9-10 mo kitty who needs a furever home

 This is kinda sorta a new post... so folks can comment here... and ask how we iz doing.

Will add an update bout everyfing....furry soon...
me make mom do dat.

Katie Kitty Too and the Katie Katz Gang.


  1. Doobie Davey looks so cute - we hope he finds a wonderful new family.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Doobie Davey looks like a really nice kitty! We have our paws crossed that he finds a forever home really soon. :)

    Hey Katie, you look very comfy and cozy in that box!

  3. What a lovely tabby Doobie Davey is. We hope he finds a wonderful home soon. Did Princess get that home after all? We hope your eye is fully healed up now and you are all doing well

  4. We heard it was the Special Kitty Unit Detectives Birthday and wanted to wish them a Happy Birthday. Hope Doobie Davey finds a homes soon, did Princess get adopted and how is your eye?

  5. Hey, nice to see you posted this month. Hope all is well with every kitty and human.


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