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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Eye Update

 Thanks and purrz go out to everyone who has commented and am praying for me.

A quick update asking to keep me in prayer.

Can't look at the screen very long with my right eye ..makes me nauseous.
So will be a while before can visit lots of blogs so sending purrz of thanks from here.

need prayer to keep all the germies away and complications and stuff that can happen after surgery.

Got a horrible headache and nausea.. can't think past it right now. 

Haven't eaten much, but drinking water...

washing my hands and using my eye drops.

all i did today was read a book and
can't lift the catfood bag... so just spilled it on the floor.

tried to work on posters to help find my foster kitties new homes... screen making me nauseous.
Princess the Petite Persian still needs a furrever home, plus seven more young cats...

hopefully will fix the flat screen later so I'm looking down at it.

time to put my eye patch on for the night.
purrz n prayers

katie kat.


  1. Purrin and purrayin fur a quick recovery. XOXO

  2. We are all purring like crazy...and crazy is easy fur us!

  3. We are purring and praying for your quick recovery!

  4. You haven't posted for a while and we wondered how you were doing with that eye. We hope it has healed up well and your sight is good now. Sending purrs to you and all the kitties

    Gerry, Mungo & The Ape

  5. We are keeping you in our deepest purrs and mom is praying hard for you. purrrs


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