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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vet Visit Update Ulcer in Lulu's Eye

Vet Appointment went really well.  

Went to see Dr. Johnson... He had moved from Indian Hills to his own private practice.  Dr. J has been our family vet for decades and has healed and saved the lives of many of our kitties...  He treated my parent's kitty who had FIV.  Because of his diligent care, "Kitty" lived to be 20 years old.

All the kittens were weighed, temperatures taken, eyes, ears and throats checked.  Three weigh over 2 pounds. Little Laura the long-haired girl still weighs under 2 pounds.

Lil Joe had a tiny scar on his right cornea where a possible ulcer had healed.  Otherwise his eyes and lungs were doing very well. 

Laura sneezed a few times, but otherwise her lungs and eyes looked great.

Annie seemed in the best health and weighs more than Lil Joe!

Lulu's eye may have a small ulcer on her cornea.  Dr. Johnson changed her eye meds from tobramycin to erythromyacin.  Her lungs, ears and throat looked good.  She will go back to the vet on Wednesday to see if her eye has improved.  Will take Sister Annie to keep Lulu company.

Please purr that her eye heals and that she doesn't lose her eye... So far she seems to be able to see and the swelling in her inner eyelid was less today and the damage to her eye does not appear to be bad enough for her to lose it.

More good news is that I didn't have to pay today.  Mainly because Dr. Johnson is not taking Care Credit cards at this time and that was all I had to pay with.  I will pay on Wednesday.

The total bill for today's visit and Wednesday's will be a little over $125.00.

Videos from the Vet Visit in next post!


  1. We are sending healing purrs for Lulu's eye and we are glad everyone else seems to be in good health.

  2. Sending lots of purrs that the eye goes ok and the little darling doesn't lose it. You are so good to take care of the sweeties.Hugs GJ xx


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