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Friday, August 14, 2015

Kitten Rescue Update - Finally

Hey guyz...

Kody here still waiting for my furever home and I iz getting bigs for a little boy who am only 4 1/2 muffins old!  I sure hope I finds a panther loving Mommy soon! Just looks at my gorgeous gold eyes!!

Mom am gots the So Tired Her Wants To Sleeps a Gazillion Cat Naps Syndrome 

What with me being such a rambunctious little boy keeping her up at nights playing with her clothes instead of sleeping.

I don't understand all dat mom does but lots of stuffs to do make her tireds....

all the Katie Katz at different homes to looks after and Nana (Mom's Mom) havings lots of doctor appointments...

not to mention house cleaning, including Mom's and Brothers house, fixing mom's window for air conditioner (still not done) and mowing lots of lawns and raining and...and capturing kittens.

well you gets the picture...  and only one computer and no smart phone for updating blogs and Facebook n stuffs...

And Nana gets sompin called an MRI next week to check her brain cause her been having headaches behind her left eye.... likes when her had her brain opurrated on 10 years ago to takes out a tumor... Nana and Mom sure praying dat tumor not growed back...  Please keep her in you purrz.
Golden Tabby Calico Baby

Now bout them outdoor brother Mike's house.  Mama told me the whole story while we played and stuff.  Dat Siamese baby gotted a home and den it rained and rained and the Momma cat was coming to the patio but not any babies.  A couple days after our last blog post, Mom went looking for the babies and found them stuck in the garage of the empty house next door!  They was peeking out of a hole with bricks in front of it! She moved the bricks and put down foods for them to eats and backed away... Two babies came out to eats and Mom quiet like a Cherokee (her am dat), she crept back close... One baby ran back in, but one kept eating... SHE CAUGHT HER!  and tooks her in the bathroom.  That was likes two weeks ago.

But the other babies were harder to catch... Finally last Sunday, she gotted a kennel set up to catch them, but the owner of the home came by and knocked it down, even though he borrows brother's lectricity... he didnt even come knocking on the door.... Well Mom heard a noisy grass cutting monster and ran over to lets the guy know what was going on and found the kennel fallen down and a big brick on the hole... and one kitten scared and ran off with Mama cat while the others stuck behind bricked up hole.  Well Mom kept her cool sorta and the guy apologized and helped her put the kennel back up... cause he didnt want kittens and a mama cat hiding in hims old garage neither cause he had gotted fined for critters hiding in his garage... He even gave Mom his phone number and some kitty traps.
Brave Black Kitty Boy

Well later that evening after everything had calmed down, Mom put food in the kennel and wonders of all things, Mama cat and the kittens came and ated in the kennel.... Mom had a string tied to the gate. She pulled it, but the kennel wobbled and all the babies ran back in the hole.... shoot... Mom had it all sturdy before that man wrecked everything.

Mom tried again the next day after it rained awhile and caughted one more kitten... Hooray!  and then that night, Mom caughted the other two with the trap.. very quiet trap... one kitten more and then put the trap out again and caught the last baby!  Hooray!  We tells you a fuller story later....

Brave Tuxie Baby Boy green eyes

Well now there am four kittens in brother Mike's bathroom and then Me and Mama Mew am staying the in the computer room for a whiles....  They dont gots names yet.  Two Girls and Two Boys... about 5 weeks old... They am very silly and hiss and mom then let her pick them ups... course the first girl am starting to likes Mom okay cause her been in the bathroom the longest.

Mom says that the girls may to find homes for cause they getting used to people faster...  and they am cutes... well not as cute as me though...  so looks for them on Facebook.  If that not works then Mom has a friend who may be able to foster them.  (they needs baths for fleas too! Glad dat not me gettin a bath)
Tortie Calico girl needs tummy rubs

The boys may have a place to go with a rescuer guy though...

So I sure hope they gets out of the bathroom soon!  

Purrz n Stuffs,
Kody Lil Bear

Oh and be sure to cheks out the All Ears For Bootsie Auction!  Sweet abandoned kitty boy needs ear surgery soon.  ($1330 of $2,000 raised!)

A note from the Mom:
We don't have money to bid this time as I always try to buy something to help with cats-in-need auctions... but when the monthly check comes in two weeks will donate something for Bootsie's surgery then.... 

We are barely going to have money to feed everyone for the next two weeks (including myself and my family) and we need funds to give to the rescuers who will take the kittens. One foster friend who works with LAPP (Lifeline Animal Placement and Protection) may take them, but she needs funds to support the kittens and get them socialized (in order to add them to the kittens and cats she is fostering already) or she won't be able to help save them.

I have some food to give with the kittens, that's all.  I always hand out food and litter to those who adopt my cats and kittens. Also, since no funds came in to get the flea meds from Walmart, will use my Sears card to get the flea meds for everyone from Kmart's website - thank goodness that Kmart is part of Sears....will cost a bit more per package (and interest)... gotta win the flea wars!!!  

If you can spare some change to help these kittens have a better life and not have to go to a shelter, please click on the paypal link in the right hand column.

Purrz to all,
Katie Kat.


  1. You sure have your hands full. How neat you were finally able to catch all the kittens. What happened to the mama cat?

    It sounds like you need some relaxation time. Too much work to do with the different homes and yards and ...

    Sending a warm hug.

  2. Such sweeties. We hope the MRI turns out to be okay. Hugs from all of us.

  3. Glad yous saved all da kitties. We know it be a lot of work. And weez purrayin' fur Nana dat all comes back okay. We know migwaines isn't good, but hopefully dat's all it is. Mommy sez a purrin' kitty on da head helps wiff at, and there awe purrlenty of ya' fur dat. Sendin' purrayers fur everypawdy and hugs too.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi


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