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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Nitey Nite n Purrz Fur Sunny Weather Pleze

Natasha am sleeping... Nitey Nite.

And now fur the really wordy Wednesday update stuffs. 
Katie Mom couldn't gets to a pooter - wif so much to doos and Uncle Mike working on her pooter and dat pooter not liking somthin called drivers. 

Mom, I don't see no wheels on that pooter so why it need driver? Uncle Mike am works on dat some mores... Until we gets dat pooter fixed, Mom can't mail out items from auction cause we gots to print shipping labels! We lets you know when we sends out all dat stuffoms you all wonned.

Natasha's turn to talks about stuffs while I hold mom's lap down so her not go nowheres... Natasha am one of Silvia's kitties. - Katie Kitty Too, Jr CEO.

Hi folks, thanks for the intro Katie Too.  Guero and Gordo are my Broffurs.

I loves Guero and am furry glad that he not smell like a vet office no more. Thank you so much for saving him. He not got pee wars no more, but he gots pooh wars instead! He gotted all runny on Monday and Mom tried to gives him a pill but he not likes it. Guero doing some better today.  I am furry worried bout Gordo. He keeps running a fever and not eating much. 
Mom Silvia am worried too.

Boy was she and me scared yesterday! I been hacking lately, but Mom thought hair balls cause her and Katie Lady not hear wheezy stuffs when they listened to my chest. Then yesterday me start hacking and me gots no air and passed out! Mom helped me breathe again and then she took me to vets this morning. I was scared of carrier and car and vet!!

I no like strange people! And then strange vet man gave me an ouchie shot (prednisone)! They say I may have developed allergic bronchitis, whatever that is. All I know dat windy weather outside musta blew sumpin in here and I no likes it.

Yet I breathing better and been sleepy all day. I been having so hard time breathing that nice to get a good rest. Please keep Me and Gordo and Guero in your purrz. I didn't want to eats much tonight.

Thank you so much for something called an auction that helped some with vet bill and paid our rent last week. Silvia Mom am still gots to pay rest of vet bill soon. Thank you nice human for paying most of our rent this week. 

We still needs 50.00 by today! And us kittiez not needs to gets homeless when we sick. We sure could use a real home with fresh air. Can you use the button on the side to helps us? (or use laugh_safely at yahoo dot com in your paypal account) We just gotta haz another 50 dollars fur rents!

Pleze purrz fur sunny weather so my Dad human can stay working. He works outside doing concrete stuffs. If weather stays goods, he can pay our rent next week!

Purrz from Natasha and Mom Silvia.

Katie Too Here again,
Katie Mom am asking
plz purr fur young kitty trying hard to live. Maddox can't move her back legs and may be blind.

Her had an ouchie shot to help get better. Jean, her foster Mommy am hand feeding her. Maddox sat up more today and am eating well from a syringe. 

Jean am holding her purrz till Thursday, hoping the shot helps this kitty. ((The prednisone will not start affecting the PCV-hematocrit for 5 days - Katie))

Maddox is weak but fighting to lives. Jean wants to thank all the cat blogosphere fur praying for Maddox.  Any funds are appreciated, yet Jean knows your kitties haz bills too. Maddox bill is over $1000.00 at All Creatures and any help is appreciated.
Call All Creatures Veterinary Hospital. 8414 W 13th St N, Ste 170, Wichita, KS 67212 at (001) 316-721-3993 and ask to pay on Jean Darby's account for Maddox. ( / If you use Katiez Paypal button on the side of the blog, please put a note somewheres so Katie know you wants to help Maddox. 

Purrz fur good mewz furry soon!
Katie Kitty Too, Jr CEO Katiez Furry Mewz
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  1. Sure a lot going on in your world there. Hope everything works out well for all.

  2. You are so cute! I am sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling well lately. My kitties and I will be praying and purring for you to feel better soon. :)

  3. So much going on and Katie is a cutie. Purrs and prayers all around from all of us.


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