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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Thankful Mewz Cat Therapy For Autism

Guero doing well...
Silvia Mewz Update:
Thanks to the kind person who sent 150 and 75.00 left from the auction means Silvia only needs 75.00 for next week, which will put her ahead since last year.

Silvia is still so thankful to everyone who helped save Guero's life. She is getting part time work and still looking for a permanent position. Her room mate found a reputable guy who needs brickwork and should get paid later this month.  My printer is finally up and running - can finally make flyers and business cards.  If 3 folks could spare 25.00, would be such a relief.

That way Silvia can have funds for the vet. Kansas wind is bringing smoke from wildfires into Wichita, causing asthma attacks (me too) and Natasha was hacking last night. She may need a shot. Poor kitty passed out from her last attack weeks ago.  And just this hour: Paint shop right next to Silvia's motel caught fire. Building is a total loss . To make matters worse all that smoky air is going to get into Silvia's room and may give Natasha an asthma attack. Please keep Natasha in your prayers.

Purrz from Katie Kat.


According to Amy at Love Meow, "A Maine Coon cat Thula and a girl with autism share a special bond. Thula has become her faithful best friend and helps her live her life more fully."

Iris Grace Halmshaw, a 5-year-old girl from the UK with autism who was struggling to talk, express affection and was even afraid of water, found her best pal when her parents introduced Thula the cat back in February, 2014.

From the very first day that Thula met
Iris, they became fast friends. In fact the first thing Thula did when she saw the young girl is jump into her lap and fall asleep.  Then at bath time, Thula jumped right into the water, and Iris took a bath unafraid. Iris Grace and Thula now swim together all the time.

They even make beautiful paintings together. Angelina Jolie even bought one!
Iris Grace and her beautiful work:

Video Interview (Thula is a big kitty now!):

To read more of Grace and Thula's Story:

About Cat Therapy and Autism:

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  1. We are always sending purrs to Silvia and her sweeties. Oh my, that Maine Coon is. adorable!

  2. We are, as always, purring and praying super hard for Silvia and her kitties.

  3. We are sending purrs and prayers for Silvia and her kittens.

    Noodle and crew


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