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Sunday, March 06, 2016

Sweet Gordo Selfie with Kittens

Once upon a time...

Silvia's Gordo loved his kitty brothers and sisters and was a furry good babysitter.  Mama Narcisca had a second litter before being spayed many years ago.  All the little cuties found forever homes.

Gordo's temp was still a little high last night - praying the antibiotic shot and the vet expressing his anal glands yesterday helps him get to feeling better!  Still praying that Silvia will find a permanent job soon. She is on a list to do event housecleaning at one of our arenas.  Going to need funds to help cover rent this Tuesday - Please pay for your bids at the auction if you haven't done so.

Thank you Morgen for spreading the word for Sweet little Maddox.

Will find out if Maddox is still with us tomorrow and let you all know...

Purrz fur Sunnyday,
Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too.

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  1. You are doing amazingly. You have our total support and complete admiration.

  2. What sweet selfies! Purring and praying for you and all of the kitties!

  3. Hope all turns out well for both kitties and Silvie.

    Oh, "please click here" - does not go to Cat on my head or to the links. You might want to correct it. :)

  4. That is a lovely selfie of Gordo and the kittens.

  5. What sweet selfies. We sure hope all goes well for everyone!

  6. Aw, it's so sweet seeing Gordo wth the kittens. We're purring for Gordo.

  7. We're purring and praying for Gordo and Silvia and Maddox!

  8. What sweet pictures ! Hope you heal soon !

  9. The babies are so cute. Sending Healing Pawkisses for sweet Gordo :) <3


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