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Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Power of the Paw for Kitty Rescue and Silvia's Cats

Maddox needs your purrz and support to get better

Maddox is the kitty rescued yesterday (Sunday).  Should have more photos soon.

He does have neurological damage and a really bad upper respiratory.

This is the info I have from his foster.  He is staying at the vets with trouble breathing from upper respiratory infection. His oxygen level is 12 when it should be 35 (measured in PCV or Pack Cell Volume).

Veterinarian examined kitten Monday morning. He has neurological damage from a trauma, yet no wounds found. Foster could not afford the xray to discover anything more.  He is incontinent and will need his bladder expressed 3 times a day and his bowel expressed daily. 

He will need lifelong care from a very special adopter.

His danger right now is the respiratory virus really hitting him hard. Maddox is about a year old and has not been able to eat much after being injured. He has been competing with other outdoor cats for food.

Even a few dollars to help with Maddox's care could mean everything for this little boy! Please contact All Creatures, (8414 W 13th St N, Ste 170, Wichita, KS 67212) at 316-721-3993 and ask to pay on Maddox Darby's account. (

Foster Jean Darby could not afford an xray for him.  Please Keep Maddox in your prayers... Jean is a special education teacher and fosters paralyzed animals. She has other animals with paralysis. Even though her bill is so high right now, just could not let him die. Jean has cared for pets with paralysis for over 17 years.

Will be calling vet in the morning and give 30.00 - Praying that more can be donated for Maddox from others.


KFM only has so much to give at the moment. Two of Silvia's kids need a vet check up tomorrow (Natasha and Gordo are sick) and this week's rent will have to be paid before all money  comes in from the auction to cover the funds.  Also Guero is still healing slowly - still has bouts of loose stool and surgery not completely healed.  (Still have two kitty sisters who need spayed so they can find homes.) 

February Auction Pawty am officially over!  Please stop by and use the "buy" button to pay for bids so postage can be purchased at a discount online. This can save up to 5.00 in shipping!

Two items donated by others did not get bids.

My items without bids - may place on eBay and see if any good buyers. Will let you know the links for those when that happens. 

Please share Maddox's story.

Katie Kat
Katiez Furry Mewz.


  1. Purrs and prayers to that sweetie from all of us here.

  2. Sharing and keeping paws crossed for Maddox.


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