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Friday, June 19, 2009

Daisy Takes Bella on a Trip

My babiez iz grohwin fast!
Dey jus had dehr 3 week purthday last Toosday!

Toosday mornin, I took Bella (dats my tortie baby gurl) on a trip to see da big Mommy sleepin on da bed...where hur waz borned.

I put Bella between da Mommyz legs so Bella waz safe...frum fallin.

Bella crawled on Mommyz toes and woked hur up! Mommy felt fur da kitty baby...

Hur turned on da lite and said I knoh dat waz Bella! Silly Daisy. Kittenz gohz in Boxies... (i knew dat... I luvs Mommy n Bella needed me too!)

Soh Mommy put Bella in da Boxie and den I luved and fed all mai 5 Babiez...
My training worked! When Bella woked up frum naping latur, hur
looked up at Mommy and knew hoo dat iz!! Hur lifted hur head (wobbly)
and mewed at da big mommy!

See... I knew what I waz doin...

luv n purrs,
Daisy May not so Daffydil.

Purr Es... taday iz grandmommiez purthday! Hur is ummm... we dont knoh dat.

We gotted enuf greenies so I kin shoh mai babiez to Dr. Johnson!

Bootsie grohwed a wittle morh! Keep purrin fur Bootsie dat she keeps eatin!

& Mom gotz da funniest Squillion Raffle update! Maxiez back pikked da Gray Squillion raffle tikket!!

Pleez see =^..^=


  1. Thanks for coming to visit our babies' pictures! Yours are sure growing fast, wow! Yep, you definitely knew what you were doing, at that age they can know the giant humans. Little Bit's kittens are starting to look for Mommy and Daddy when they hear their voices. Baby kittens are soooo smart!

    Glad you got enough green papers to go to your doctor. That's good for you and the babies.

  2. Want a tummy rub? That picture is very enticing...

  3. Happy birthday to your Grandma. Daisy is a great mom. Wishing the young kittens a great life ahead :)

  4. You are very smart Daisy. Of course you knew what you were doing.

    Happy Birthday to Grandmommie!!

  5. Happy belated purrthday!
    I have posted a new part of my story.


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