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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bearz Head Am Bin Found

Sshhh... purr leze.. LuLu am tired out frum helping the Mom bring back Lil Bear's head.

Thank you to all our innernets frinds fur helping us find hims head and put it back wif him body...  We am so furry Thursday Thankful to have Bear all back together, and him am awakes agin!

Here ams what happind last week in Bear Lost Hims Head.  Sumtime between St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's Day, Mom tooks a photo of Bear, but him's head waz not in da photo!  Mom looked evfurry where. Her even looked onda innernets.  

And then her saw Lil Bear's head inside a castle somewheres in Kansas.  LuLu asked our friends to help us find out where that castle was.  Marg of Marg's Animals and Jan of Jan's Funny Farm figured out dat Bear's head hads gotten losted in photos of Coronado Heights Castle.
Mom tole me dat Coronado Heights Castle was built by the Works Progress Administration in 1932
on a hill northwest of Lindsborg, Kansas and dat a man named Francisco Vásquez de Coronado gave up looking fur the seven cities of gold there and returned to Mexico. The WPA also built a stone picnic site, a restroom, and a stone front gate at the park.  (see

Last weekend the Mom and LuLu wents to Coronado Heights to looks for Bear's Head....  They went inside the Castle and searched everywhere, but hims head could not be seen... They coulds hear Bear meowing but could not see hims head!!!  Then they heard a whisperss... come back under the red moon...

So LuLu and Mom comed home... Bear was still sleeping under the laundry and didn't know hims head was still losted....  and without hims head in the photo, Bear could not wake up. And him am bin sleeping fur days!!!

Sammy from onespoiledcat suggested that maybe Lil Bear's body could borrow another head until we found hims real head... so the Mom found a bunny cat... it didn't really fit and Bear still could not wake up. 

Tuesday around 2 in da morning, LuLu and the Mom returned to Coronado Castle and waited for red lunar eclipse to be full.

Mom and LuLu wore speshul glasses to see red things under the red moonlight.... and then they could see Lil Bear's Head!!!  All cause of the Red Lunar Eclipse.

But when Mom went to pick up hims head in a warm towel, Lil Bear's head meowed, rolled out of the castle and bounced up into the Moon!!!  "Mommy can't catch me!!"

The Mom called, "Bear come down from there!  You don't belong in the moon!"  And LuLu cried, Oh Cousin Bear... Please come down frum there!  You am scaring me!"

Bear's Head sighed and said, "But I am having fun dream... I don't want to wakes up yet!" And den he bounced back down into Mom's arms.  Mom wrapped hims head in a towel and hurried home.  When Mom and Lulu gotted home, they carefully put Lil Bear's head back into the photo and Bear woke up!!! 

"Mom!!!" Lil Bear meowed, "I hads da funniest dream!  I went thru a little white hole in the floor and found myself inside a one room castle, but I couldn't finds my body! And I meowed and Meowed but I couldn't finds you no wheres.  Den you comed into da Castle and called my name but everything turned red.  And den I turned red.. and den you tried to catch me and I jumped into da red moon!!!  Den I bounced down into your arms...and you tooks me home... dat was funny... Coulds dat reelly happin?  I was scared you was goned and I would never get home..."

The Mom:  No silly of course not. 
                      You will always be my Lil Bear.
Lil Bear:  Oh Goods!  I loves you Mom!  Where am foods, Ize hungry.  (Lil Bear jumps up and runs to the kitchen.)

LuLu:  But Mom! we went to Coronado Castle and Bear bounced into da moon and... um.... oh never mind. I goh sleepy wif Annie May... maybe I haves fun dream too.

Annie May:  And Dat am our Story fur Thankful Thursday...

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(Coronado Castle is now 82 years old and needs protecting. To learn more about Coronado Castle and how you can help keep it maintained for future generations, please go to Lindsborg


  1. We are so glad that your head was found Bear. That is terrific. It is kind of hard to do without one's head. Hope all of you have a really nice day.

  2. Now Lil Bear is at the head of the class!

  3. We're glad Lil Bear has found his head and we hope you have a wonderful Easter with lots of treats.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. I was a little scared reading this story and am concerned my head might suddenly disappear! I hope not. Good job finding Lil Bear's. That was close! - Crepes.

  5. Glad Lil Bear's head has been returned. We had a time finding that castle since we are unfamiliar with the state. But we did.

  6. What a great story. We sure are happy Lil Bear's head has been found and is back home with him where it belongs. It's not fun to lose one's head - M does it all the time, and she says it's not fun! he he

  7. Hello Little Bear and Annie Mae and Mom. I am so glad I came to visit. Wow what an adventure!

  8. Hooray! We are so glad Lil Bear's head was found!

  9. Little Bear, I was so scared through your story, I thoughtted your head was gonna be gone forEFFUR! Thank GOODNESS your mom and efurrybuddy else helped look fur it! You am betters now!


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