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Friday, July 01, 2016

More Mitchel the Orange Kitty

Mitchel threw up again on Wednesday and he kept feeling hot to my hand...
Took him to Silvia's vet yesterday. He was running a fever of a 103... 

Got antibiotics and a tummy calming pill - Mirtazapine.
When we got back to the house, he threw up again, 
but not his pill.
Let him rest awhile then I gave him syringe of Tuna water... well he perked up and wanted to eat and so far he has his hungry back and his meowatude!  

Later yesterday evening... no throw up!  

Gotta go give him his antibiotic now... 
I think I'm Fur Sale...

He's at my house and my computer at my brother's
Being able to get internet at my house is on my wish list... Missed Wordless Wednesday and Thankful Thursday looking after this sweetie.

Please keep Mitchel in your purrz.

Natasha senses rain coming... time for under the bed!
In Other Mewz, Silvia urgently needs $150.00 or lose motel room by Tuesday!!! 

Silvia had two job interviews this week, yet both turned her down. One called and said job filled. Finally got car insurance updated, now transmission needs checked. 

Have friend who wants to offer Silvia housecleaning work, but doesn't start yet. Will be part time at first, still best offer.  Pray she can start soon.  

Motel owner is saying threatening things about taking her room away.  We need 150.00 asap just to keep in the motel room. Not to mention trying to have enough food. If we can just keep going, she almost has work! 
Please, Silvia and her cats have nowhere to go...

-Purrz, Katie Kat
Psalm 91


  1. Mitchel is absolutely adorable. I hope he feels better soon!

  2. We sure hope Mitchel is on the mend now.

  3. One would think this nightmare would end for Sylvie. Sure hope something good arises for her soon!


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