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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thankful fur Tomorrowz and Catz Meow Transport

Gracie (L) Faith (R)
Gracie and Faith wants to knows...

Gracie: Hey Mommy Lady, what am Tommorowz?

Mommy Lady: That am the day after today.

Gracie: Then how comes you said we waz gonna blogs tomorrowz that was Monday.

Mommy Lady: Oh I did say that... ooops... well tomorrow can also mean a day in the future.

Faith: So duz thats meens we gonna getz a mew home tomorrowz?

Mommy Lady: Furry Furry Soon... furst you haz to visit a vets and getz surgeriez so you not haz kittens...

Faith: I wants to bee kittenz furever with a Mew Mommy!
Mama and kittens in the sink

Gracie: Me tooz!  

Mommy Lady:  You two and your sisfur Hope, brofur Oliver and Mama Baby Girl aka Lady Grey are going to lives with a furry sweet lady in Junction City. She mights even give you mew names. The names you haz nows are for your Ninja kitten training secret identities...  Before you can go to your mew home, we haz to raise funds fur your surgeries and shots and stuff.

Baby Girl and Oliver
 Oliver: How we gonna do that?

Mommy Lady: We am asking folks if they can sends funds to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com thru PayPal.  

We are going to need at least 45.00 per girl kitty. Oliver will only need 35.00  That is if we can get evfurry one into Spay and Neuter of Kansas - that is about 215.00 dollars.  (If we can't go there, then the next place is Kansas Humane Society and that is 60 each and does not even include shots! )  We will gets a you caring ups by the next blog post.

Baby Girl: Thank you for looking after me and my children... I am glad you have found us a place to be loved. And thank you for helping my housemates too...

Baby Girl's House mates, two blind kitty boys (one of them might be the father of Baby Girls kittens) will be going to see the vet tomorrow or Saturday and then heading to
Manhattan, Kansas and a foster home (or forevers... ).  Katiez Furry Mewz will be paying for their shots and one dose of flea meds...  Which will come to about 150.00. Right now due to helping another kitty get seen last week who had lots of neglect from terrible ear mites... we only have about 71.00.  A furry kind person sent 50.00 for Gordo to check hims teeth. 

Howsumever, Gordo is doing better right now (thank goodness) - and so we can use the funds to help the blind kitties, leaving about 30.00 still needed for their vet visit.   tomorrow.

Angel: hey you purrmiced more photos of the Catz Meow kitty transport on Sunnyday!!

Mommy Lady aka Katie Kat: Oh thank you so much Angel fur reminding me.

Here are some photos from the kitty transport on Sunday. Everything went furry well with getting the kitties to the next person... Bonnie was our first pick up. Bonnie is mobility challenged - missing back feet and no tail... such a furry sweet girl!
Picking up Bonnie
We took Bonnie from Wichita to Salina where she went with another kitty named Gracie onward to other drivers to get them to Colorado. Bonnie and Gracie needed a towel between them since they didn't know each other
Bonnie in our rental c

In Salina, we picked up Gracie's Mama (aka Mommaz) and her 3 sisfurs and took them to Oklahoma to meet their forever Mommy! Samantha one of the kittens was hyperventilating when we picked up Mommaz and Kittens in Salina... getting hot that day. Howsumever, by the time we got to Oklahoma, Samantha was playing with my fingers!

Gracie (L) Bonnie (R) in Salina onward together

Mommaz, and kittenz waiting for transfer

Mommaz and Kittenz in our rental
Transferring Mommaz and Kittens to furever Mommy
Samantha one of the kittenz

Please consider sharing or helping the Kittiez in Need at Katiez Furry Mewz: Lady Grey and her kittens to get their surgeries ($215) and to helps pay vet bill for blind kitties (after donation will be about 100.00 - this includes using care credit 70.00 and out of pocket of 30.00) by PayPal as gift to friends to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com

This is A Thankful Remember Me Thursday Blog Hop Purrsentation...


  1. we wish ewe all de veree veree veree best ~~ ♥♥♥

  2. You sweeties are so cute and you'll enjoy a place to call home! Hooray for kitty rides home too, that's wonderful. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Blessings and thank you for all this loving help.

  4. It must be so exciting but responsible to do kitty transport. Bless you all.

    We will share your appeal for funds.


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