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Sunday, October 01, 2017

Furry Good Mewz Fur Dash and Blind Kitties


Friday brother and I took two blind kitties to a forever foster in Manhattan, Kansas.. These two boys are related to Baby Girl and the Ninja Kittens who are still hanging out in my bathroom waiting to go to their forever home.

I took them to the vet before brother and I drove to Manhattan, Kansas. Baby Boy 1 and Baby Boy 2 hanging out in carriers waiting for the Vet who was late getting back to his clinic...


Then when the vet finally came, I forgot to take photos! Dr. Johnson checked their eyes and the blindness is not being caused by cataracts. The pupils responded to light and Kitty Boy 1 kind of reacted to a cotton ball falling in front of him. They don't follow the movement of my hand. The blindness must be something neurological. Their mew foster and Cattails Rescue Manhattan, the rescue supporting her will have the kitties checked out at the College of Veterinary Medicine in Manhattan.


Here are the blind kitties first selfies in their mew home. They are hanging out in luxury suites while getting to know their mew hangout. Their mew foster mommy reports that they are getting lots of loves and cuddles and love being held.  A mew photo from today. Boy 1 is in the Luxury Suite and Boy 2 is sitting outside.  Their foster mommy just texted me that their mew Foster names are Marco and Polo! Marco is the three year old with white on his chest and Polo is the seventh month old boy... Purrz dear sweeties that all goes well fur your little boy oppurayshuns furry soon!

Marco on the left, Polo on the right
"Sit Dash!"

Just about a week ago, I posted goofy Dash my foster dog up on Facebook again..I was so worried about him not having an indoor home yet and weather changing soon. and the bestest home responded - a family with two other bull mastiffs! They came yesterday afternoon to pick him up. Dash finally has a real home!!! Dash was so excited to meet new people that he didn't eat his lunch! We had to work with him to calm down. They brought one of their bull mastiffs who has been trained as a service dog. They visited with him in the back yard for almost an hour before leaving. Here he is learning to sit for a milk bone from his new human sister. His new Mastiff girl friend behind him is Piper.

And here he is happy to get in the back of their van.
He loves car rides!
Dash and Piper in the van
His mew family has quite a few
Getting a new harness
folks in it, plus three other dogs and two cats!!

He is doing well with all the of them.. and of course the boy cats are letting him know they are the boss of the house MOL!!!

That's The Good Mewz this weekend! 

We are still needing to raise funds to get Baby Girl and the Ninja kittens fixed and to their forever home in Junction City. Unfortunately Spay and Neuter of Kansas refused to let me use their services, because I said these kitties were "rescued." For some odd reason, they don't help rescues get babies fixed before they go to a new home. Their new mommy would have to call and only if she lives in Wichita or moves there. (😿 What Spay and Neuter doesn't know is that I had been hoping to help them help more pets get fixed by raising funds in the near future... hmmm).

I am going to speak to Cattails and see if they can get Baby Girl and her kittens fixed if I raise the funds. Right now I know we will need at least $200.00 raised. Please consider sending any amount to help by paypal to laugh_safely at yahoo dot com using gift to friends.- I will speak to Cattails and see how much more they will need. Please keep Baby Girl and her kittens, Oliver, Faith, Hope and Lovey in your purrz that we can get their needs taken care of furry soon.  We will have a new You Caring campaign up asap. Please look for that update on the side of the blog and if you have Facebook - will be a notice there.

--- More Mewz next timez.

(if anyone of our readers uses another social media besides facebook, please let us know and we will try posting there as well)


  1. Oooh that is a LOT of good news you have there. I shall send you a small donation as soon as I can, for Baby Girl and the kittens.
    Have a great week
    Toodle-pip and purrs

  2. I am glad you have some good news and I hope you can get the Ninja kitties fixed. Thank you for the kind words you left for me on the loss of Phoebe. XO

  3. Lots of good news. Thank you for helping the kitties so much. There are just so many in need. Mostly, I'm so happy that Dash found a real home! That news on fb was the greatest :-)
    I ♡ reading these updates & looking at all the pics.

  4. Lots of good news. Thank you for helping the kitties so much. There are just so many in need. Mostly, I'm so happy that Dash found a real home! That news on fb was the greatest :-)
    I ♡ reading these updates & looking at all the pics.

  5. Dash is continually AMAZING us in our crazy home lol My family and I are FOR SURE glad we found him!! Thank you!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing the good news, we love it!

  7. Oh if I had $200 I would give it to you gladly. I hope you are able to get some funds. You do more than anyone I know to help cats. (That rescue is being a bit hard I think).

  8. Cuties! Thanks for helping the kitties :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. We just love hearing such wonderful news. You are such a savior to so many kitties. And we are so happy that Dash has a forever home!

  10. Soooooo happy for Dash. And for all the kitties you help, too. You are certainly a hard worker.

  11. What a valuable service you and bro are providing. Kudos from Canada! BTW...I love the header. I don't think it's too big.



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