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Friday, November 03, 2017

Gordo Needs Your Help ASAP

Update: Doc decided to just do the antibiotics for now and wait on the steroid shot to see if antibiotics works. Bill was only 45.00! We got a sweet donation from a wonderful cat blogger that covered the bill so far //

Last year Gordo, one of Silvia's cats, had to have Perineal urethrostomy, the surgery that unblocks a male kitty's urinary tract by removing the urethra...

This makes him susceptible to urinary tract infections... he has also been having trouble keeping on enough weight and on the blood panel last year, his thyroid indicating level was near the border of needing thyroid meds.

On Wednesday, Silvia and I took him to the vet, because he had been howling and throwing up his food... Dr. Mahoney wanted to do the blood panel first before checking anything else. His results yesterday did not show a change in his thyroid levels, but did show signs of a urinary tract infection... KFM was able to pay for the blood panel from metal scrap and a personal donation... (came to 95.00)

Now he needs antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory shot which will be only 75.00 - Can you help Gordo get well by sparing even five or ten dollars?

If three people only sent 20.00, I can cover the rest. Once he gets his meds, he will feel like eating again... Poor boy - we love him so much.

Thank you so much in advance.
You can paypal to laugh_safely @ yahoo dot com using gift to friends
or call Arapahoe Veterinary Clinic and ask to put credit on Silvia Espinosa's account
so we can bring Gordo in to be treated. Phone number is 316 262 6491

Purrs and Paddy Pawz
Katie Kat

(Sad thing is since we hardly ever blog on Fridays, I will be surprised if anyone notices the post.... )


  1. Daisy Mae and I are sending him lots of Get Well Purrs. Get Well Soon. Also have another site at . Hope everyone checks it out.


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