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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Am For Helping Other Families Too

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

We haz the bestest Thanksgiving Mewz!
Katie Mom and Uncle Mike are now Licensed Fosters
through We Are Grateful Sanctuary...

Although they am mostly a small dog sanctuary, they helps kitties too. We will be sharing page furry soon about da kitties of KFM.... Some need homes furry soon.

Please takes time to reads the bottom of the post - last night we found out that Pam and Pups, a family with three dogs dat we haz been helping have not eaten since Tuesday - and would not haz any Thanksgiving with out KFM's help. 

Furstly, here are some other things we are furry thankful about:

Willowbend Vet Clinic - Ellie liked the Feliway
Ellie May the kitty who received a blood transfusion is doing much better. (Ellie May's posts) She had been severely attacked by fleas and was very anemic - went to vet on Monday, the 13th. She was so weak that she let the technician get a blood sample from her leg - feliway made a big difference. Then had to be hospitalized at the Emergency Specialty Hospital of Wichita, where she received a blood transfusion Monday night. (She didn't like ER - too many doggy smells and the Feliway alcohol based spray did not work like the diffuser...)
At ER - Unhappy.
This ordeal was very hard for her because she had nuerological damage from Advantage flea meds at four months old. She is three years old now (took two years of behavioral modification to retrain her brain to associate touching with food). We are waiting until she is completely well, because she may have to be sedated...

Jeremiah Midnight is negative for leukemia and FIV!!!  (See Jeremiah Midnight's Posts) Howsumever, his owie on his hip does not seem to be healing. Antibiotics have not been helping enough - he may need something local to help besides Vetericyn or another antibiotic - any suggestions would be very helpful.  He will need to be fixed and get hims shots... He is getting very annoyed and being in the bathroom!! He am been slapping Mommy's feets!

Toby went to the vets about hims bottom (Toby's posts) - just needed shaved so him could stay clean - Toby is a furry chubby boy and not good at cleaning hims long fur. Anal glands were fine, bladder was empty and no fever! Dr. Vet recommended non-alcoholic baby wipes to helps him... He is still hiding from his Daddy Uncle Mike though cause Daddy had to clean hims butt of stuck poopies! No poopies no morh but Toby's tummy am furry ticklish! 

Another fing we am Thankful for Silvia and her babies
will haz foods to eats today cause KFM Cares for others too...  and you helps us do that!! (please purr for Silvia who had sum teefs pulled yesfurday.)

We haz another favor to asks of you...(Pam and Pups) Remember us talking abouts a lady with three doggies that is getting evicted cause the rental house am getting torn down? - We are helping her and her family to move into trailer that Center of Hope and KFM helped put the down payment on.  Katie Mom founded out that Pam and her daughter and son in law had nothing to eat yesfurday and will not have anything fur Thanksgiving today.

So Uncle Mike and Katie Mom am getting their Thanksgiving dinners today.... If you could helps Pam and her family has a goods thanksgiving, could you sends a wittle moneys to paypal at laugh_safely at yahoo dot com using gift to friends?

This will help her doggies and Pam's family has foods to eats fur tomorrow too... 

Even 10 dollars per purrson and furkids would helps a lot fur Pam's family and Silvia and her fur kids to haz a goods Thanksgiving. 

May you haz a blessed Thanksgiving today.

Purrz and Paddy Paws,
Katie Kitty Too.
Jr. Executive, Katiez Furry Mewz.
A licensed Foster with We Are Grateful Sanctuary


  1. Thank you for all you do to help others and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! I wish we could donate some but we're pretty broke since we spent so much trying to save our Angel Sascha. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

    1. You are welcome, Brian. Thanks you for hosting the hop every week.

  2. You do so much to help others. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you... we need your prayers... things did not go well yesterday.

  4. Thank you for all you do to help so many. Sending lots of purrs and prayers, and wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving.

    1. we tried... some good happened yesterday - mostly didn't go well. Some of us did not eat Thanksgiving dinner.

  5. Sending lots of purrs and prayers to everyone. sorry I haven't been around recently but I'm sick and trying to get better. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and good Black Friday.

  6. You are such a good person to help so many. I am thankful there are people like you in this world.


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