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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Thankful Mewz and Mewz Fur Purrz Too

Furst uvs all... we am furry thankful that Gordo am doing betters...

More things we am furry thankfuls about...

Lady Grey and Ninja Kittens

Marco and Polo

Lady Grey and the Ninja kittens, Faith, Hope, Lovey and Oliver all gots a furever home (waiting fur new photos).

Marco and Polo gotted a home (will ask fur new photos).

Pam was able to make her first down payment on her trailer (will get photo of trailer).
Pam's Pups...

Katie Mom was able to works the election on Tuesday to raise some moneys fur us too.

Fur all the scrap appliance and other metals that Mom haz bin able to gets to help us kittiez.  

Fings we still needs purrs abouts...
Chica (l) Chico (r)

Chico and Chica, two outdoor kitties have not been caught yet.

The rest of Marco, Polo and Lady Grey's family (about six more kitties) needs fixed and to haz homes.

Auntie Silvia (Gordo's mom) needs new contacts so she can renew her driver's license and apply for good jobs and her car keeps having trouble - Uncle Mike has put in two alternators and still not working right...

Pam has not been able to move into her trailer because the owner of the trailer park where the trailer is staying won't let her. The gal who is selling the trailer to Pam wants me to go down to Mulvane with her and be a witness to how the owner is acting. (I still think that Pam should move up to Wichita where there is a trailer park willing to move the mobile home for free, and Pam's son-in-law will be able to get work)

This is the time of year when recycling metal slows down due to weather changes... Purring and Praying that we will be able to continue to raise funds. We have three appliances that are good and can sell them, we have lots of stuffs in the garage to sell - purr that the Mom gets help to get more things ready.

And we am furry thankful always fur all our internet friendz...

So mice to see you today!

Purrz from Chiquita who am helping Katie Mom Blog today.


  1. I am so happy to hear about some nice adoptions! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  2. LOVE all of these sweet, sweet kitties.

  3. We are so happy Gordo is better and some of the kitties have found forever homes. We will purrs for everything else and do POTP.

  4. So much good news about adoptions! We're glad Gordo is feeling better too!


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