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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Monday Mews: Furry Oxygen Masks

Katie's Furry Mews
Dis Week Feeture Stohrie: Oxygen Masks fur Babiez iz bein donated to Fire Departments!!
Furst uvs all - weze gots a repurrt bouts our furry funny fotoh contest. Weze gettin emails alreddy on how ta entur dat! Bootsie is moduratin cuz she won da funny sisfur contest. Ize helpin doh, cuz dis hur furst times ta do sompin dat impawtant.

Dependin on donashun response, we will gifs out a tee shurt wifs ur funnee fotoh fur each Cattygoree! Ovfur wise ta Tee shurt will goh to a grand winnur n den we gifs out ovfur prizes....likes ur funny fotoh on da purrtend cover uv "Cat Fancy" maggazeen.

Now membur dis iz furst fur fun n ta helps us all stay united furry bloggers while da Grinchiez holes our eckonomee stuffomz fur ransome. Purceeds furst gohs to buy prizes, den rest gohz ta make sure our Granmawmee dont lose hur house and ta helpz pay our bruffurs vettie billz. All our bruffurz iz ovfur da bridge now. Fanks to kind blogger beanz, weze gotted dehr urns home fur Chrissymouse n Hanukkah!

Cuz uv dat, Auntie Bibi - dats Grandmawmees furry baby - saids dat at least ten purcent of donashunz fur our contests shouds goh to a fund ta helps ovfur babies n beans huntin fur werks and mites lose dehr housies too! Soh weze gonna doo dat!! Hear iz wher ta goh fur da furry funny fotoh contest rules n stuffoms - and pleeze writes to furryfunnyfotohz(ats)gmail(dot)com fur hows ta entur and any queshunz bout dat. Please use da donashun on da side uv dis hear postie. or go to our funny fotohz sites.
Now secundlee... here iz a bit uv noos bouts our Mawmee.
Fanks to sum kind beans, who helped in our furry funny sisfur contest, she kins gets sum warm wintur shooez!! Save she hasnt found onez dat fits hur yet....She checked out Athletik Werks, but dey was too shorts fur hur feets! Daisy gots a funnee storee bout dats tomorroh.

Also Ize lurnin dats a Mawmees job is nevfur dun!! I wants ta bee an onlee child and hafs Mawmee all to myself, but I gotz ta share hur wif my sisfurs and now a furry cold brown tabbie boy kitty was cryin under our porch! Mawmee brotted him in and feds him n gave him a warm blankie box (Thanks Spirit n Ezra's Mawmee Breanne fur da blankiez!) ta sleep in da bafsroom. Mawmee iz callin himz Maxwell Marvin Tigger, cuz him waz smart ta finds hur n starvin silly, likes Starvin Marvin n Maxwell Smart!

Daisy tell u morh bout Maxie tamorrow. She likes him... I wants him ta goh way. He not my Spunky Boo. He not my Sandy boy. At leest hims not Smelly Snow Baby.... like I said a Mawmees werk is nevfur dun.
Now to our MEWS Fur TODAY!
Valentine the puppy yawned during the announcement that The Wichita Fire Department now has 12 pet oxygen masks. And the city now will offer a free pet adoption service for families who lose pets in a fire. More bout dat here: Saving Pets in Fires
Following iz frum Thursday, January 22, 2009 as seen ats The Wichita Fire Department accepted a donation of pet oxygen masks from the Invisible Fence Company, who agreed to donate 42 masks. Twelve masks donated costing about $28 each, will be immediately available. Remaining masks will be delivered later in 2009.

"With the addition of this life saving tool, we have greater odds of resuscitating a pet that would normally succumb to smoke inhalation," Wichita Fire Chief Ronald D. Blackwell said. "Thanks to the generosity of the Invisible Fence Company, firefighters will be able to return beloved pets to their families."

The past few months, fire crews have battled a number of structure fires where pets were victims of smoke inhalation. Resuscitating pets is a challenge because the oxygen masks currently carried by fire crews are designed for humans. The Invisible Fence Company decided to donate oxygen masks designed to fit pets. In order for the masks to be available at all fire scenes; masks will be placed with Battalion Chiefs and Safety Officers.

Fur more news bouts masks gettin donated, maybee in a town near you! Try dis in da Google or Yahoo search stuffoms wif quotes: "Adoptions, oxygen masks donated" or "pet oxygen masks donated" or dis linkie - Yahoo Search Furry Oxygen Masks Donated

Katie Ann Kitty Too
Jr. Repurrter CEO,
Kat Renee Purducshunz.
(Mews iz repurrted hear fur Educashun purposes only)
photo by Dave Williams/The Wichita Eagle
Wichita firefighter Mike Winn demonstrates
one of the new oxygen pet masks donated to department.
Masks were donated by Invisible Fence of Central Kansas,
represented by Beth Ericson and her dog, "Secret".


  1. That was a great Monday Mews report, Katie! We are gonna check and see if our community has oxygen masks for our furry citizens!

  2. That is such a good idea, I didn't even know such masks existed, hooray for our beloved pets. I am sad every time I read about a fire and a pet is lost, not to mention people also, very nice post.


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