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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NOOz!! Daisys Babies!!

Hi ya!!
Furst uvs all -- Toosday Afturnoon frum 1 to 4 pm: Daisy's babiez cummed out ta see da world!! I don't get ta be in da room wif dem, cuz dey iz furry littel. Even littler din I iz!! Dats cuz dey iz noo! Ize a 4 and half pound yehr old little big gurl!

Reezon I knoh what happnd? I purrtended ta be sleepy on da corner ov da bed while Daisy gave burth and Mommy helped.
Dehr is five babies... four iz grey tabbiez n one is blackish tabbie wif sum orange. Dehr wood have bin six, but sumpin happened dat we dont knoh cuz da furst sac had nuffin in it. After dat, Daisy had trubble havin da furst two kittiez. Mahm had ta help hur sum. Hur cried sum when dehr head was cummin out, and Mom is worried bout dat.
Any Moms and beans got advice fur us what we shood chek ta make sure hur iznt hurted frum stretchin??

Da rest uv da babies cummed out reel easily...Da furst baby waz borned after 1pm and da last baby cummed out at bout 3:50pm... I got shooed out of da room after I growled...oops.
Mom say she gotted fotohs and a little video after dat.

Daisy n Babies is doin fine nao, dey restin and eatin...
Our Mom is compoopdid too!

We gives a noo update bout dem Squiilions on da next times...

Bootsie Woo


  1. Congratulations to all! To Daisy and her mama, and to the babies too for making it safely into this world.
    How marvelous that efurryone is fine.
    I'm sure it's fairly normal to have some pain during kittybirth.

  2. Congratulations to Mommy Daisy and her new babies. They sound beautiful, cannot wait to see photos.
    Love & Purrs,

  3. Babiez iz just da mostest wunnerful thingie in da whole, wide world. We can't wait ta see da little furries as dey grows up!

  4. Sounds like you have a new family to take care of. Hope they are all healthy!

  5. Babies are wonderful! I would suggest that you take both the kittens and the mother to the vet for a checkup just to make sure that all are healthy.

    If you have any medical questions that I can answer, please feel free to contact me:

    Love to all!

  6. We're glad that everyone is doing well! Baby kittens are so precious! We're glad your mom was there to help Daisy birth them and make sure they were all ok (mom included). Can't wait to see the pics and video!

  7. Concatulations Daisy, we just know yoor kittens is beyootiful and dat yoo is gonna be a good mommy. Can't wait to see pikshers.

  8. Congratulations to Daisy! Her babies sound cute!!


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