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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bibi Update and Da Fresh Air Fund

Okay furst uvs all dat der kitty lookin out da window am Bibi. Hur am gettin bettur and gets looked at by dat nise vet lady on mondays. ta see how hur iz doin wif hur gland infection...hope hur don't need no more medz! Thanks so much fur all dem purrz!

Seconds, a frind asked me n Mom ta share bout da Fresh Air Fund, wher kids gets to leves New York n go wher dehr is grass n stuffoms likes horses n barn cats n dogs n cows n even beaches wif sand! Sum kids never been to da country n dey needs dat!

No cowz not on da beach Bootsie, dey is onda farm.... well yes dey kins swim.. but dey is onda farm!

Bootsie, I think we needs ta gets u to a Fresh Air Cat Fund!!
Poor shy wittel Bootsie... all hur knows iz Salvage Yards and hiding under stuffs!

Well Mom and me founds sum videos bout da Fresh Air Fund but we argued over which ones waz da bestest!

dis here am mine - Froggy talks bout dat Fresh Air Fund.

And dis here am Mom's History of da Fresh Air Fund. Dis a slideshow wif kids inda country n dogs n chikins n stuffs.

Maybe derh iz cats out derh who kin host sum kids from New York City soh deyz grow up goods... Deyz gots a good website ta lurns more...

Bootsie... human kids... not goat babiez. Goatz iz onda farm! I gotta get dis gurl some fresh air!

Katie Kitty Too


  1. We are so glad that Bibi is getting better! And we think the Fresh Air fund is a great idea!

  2. We're happy to hear that Bibi is getting better! Sending purrs for all of you!

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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