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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunnyday Photos and Updates

Easy Like Sunday Stuffoms....

Look... Weze Growed!
And still fits in one chair!

Miri in the back, Sammy in the middle and Toby in the front.
Still got some Rexness going on... There are two main Rex mutations:
Wavy/Kinky underfur without guard hairs (Devon & Cornish - passive gene) and Curly guard hairs (Selkirk - dominant gene).
My babies seem to have some kind of incomplete dominant...

Can't see Toby's white bib and toe in this pic.
Toby is getting more guard hairs in, but his fur is still curly and the guard hairs are wacky looking.

Miri and Sammy have an appointment on Monday. Sammy will get checked for FeLV. Sammy is sneezing and Miri is still hacking once in a while. I hate Miri to go on Clavamox again.

Miri just started having good bowel movements versus diarhea from the meds killing good and bad bacteria. I am giving her acidophilus and flax seed to help her gain back the good bacteria.

Two of my shy babies are getting a bit braver...
Jazpurr of soft white fur (wavy tummy furs) and Justin of smoky fur.
Thought Justin was a black kitty, but all of his furs are white tipped in black. Hardly any guard hairs on Justin, just kinky underfur tipped in black. Him is furry purrty, furry shy yet likes being held and him loves to be with Toby, gentler black sorta tuxie boy.

Jazpurr is also sneezing now. Gonna have to figure out how to quarantine some sniffle kids from the non-snifflers... or just give them all meds?!?

Below is Mr. Cranky Jordi of coarser fur and kinky whiskers. (Bi-color Rt yellow eye, Lft blue)... Still responds to being picked up, tummy rubs and back skritches. Furst he has to hiss at you to let you know him not happiez.... unless you givez himz chicken. Den him happiez. Maybe him has itchy fur from bad fleez n and grumble tummy dat needs acidophilus... hmmm dats good idea.

Just purchased a new product from PetSmart. A topical between the shoulders that uses natural stuff that fleas hate, like mint and citrus! Can't wait to see how it works. Just couldn't see using something else on sniffle, sneezy furr babiez.

And made a new friend who can help me find homes!! And she also wants me to draw her 8 cats! She actually had one her cats at PetSmart! Sweet long haired white boy with the pinkest nose.

I am going to start giving them an herb blend on a regular basis that is good for their liver, which can get overworked with FeLV.

Just found this at Animal Wellness Magazine:
From that article:
"Although Lexus continues to test FeLV positive, she remained symptom-free until February of last year, when she had a severe asthma attack which was quickly alleviated with a properly administered homeopathic remedy. After her attack, Lexus vet started her on a glyconutrient and has remained symptom-free ever since. She no longer has fevers, lethargy or poor appetite, has gained some much-needed weight, and happily rules her guardian’s house."

Interesting.... I'll ask my vet about it.

Katie Kat.


  1. WEll I hope everyone gets a lot better really soon and that the vet visit goes well. It sounds like you are really up to date on all kinds of supplements which is terrific. Very interesting info.
    Have a great day.

  2. We just thought we would warn you abut the mint flea treatment. Mommy got an all natural flea treatment for us a few years ago. Mint was one of the ingredients and Scylla & Charybdis were very ALLERGIC to it. They had to be rushed to the vet and given shots and shaved and BATHED.

    Socks was fine with it. Anyway you may want to check with your vet before using. These poor babies have been through so much we would hate for them to have an allergic reaction to it.

  3. So many beautiful kitties, we love their photos; the first picture is really adorable!...We hope everyone continues to improve and grow stronger every day!...Happy Sunday, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. So glad to see the photos and read the update.

  5. That top photo is so precious, the babies are all looking so well. Best of luck for today's FeLv test.
    Seconding the caution about using herbal flea treatments. That's great that you have made a new cat homing friend!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Good luck! We also recommend caution against all over-the-counter flea treatments (including herbal ones), even if they're sold at the pet store. They can cause severe allergic reactions, chemical burns (even from herbals, because the essential oils are tough on cats' systems), and other horrible reactions. Mommy used to work at a pet store, and she heard horror stories from customers, so she started telling people not to buy those and only buy Advantage or Frontline or Revolution. For flea dips, you can use Dawn dishwashing liquid to bathe them, but wash it off well.

    You should talk with Tommy's mommy about FELV. He had it for two years and was mostly symptom-free, until the very end (the last week). Here's his Catster page:

  7. Just dropping by to see how things are going with the babies!

    Hope all is well.



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