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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Fixin Da 'Pooter

Mom, derz da purrblem.... It am broke...

Miri Fix it fur u


Toby hand me da screwdriver! Gotsta take dis hards drive out and gets dem files off uv dat.

Now we puts dat hard drive in dis machine. Sammy do dat. Otay Miri. Starts copyin dem files now!

Miri dem files all saved yet?

Fixin Pooters am hards work!

(The Mom Update: Going to use my old computer with the slow CPU until the new hard drive arrives in the mail. Getting all the files copied over to the old PC...

Blood has been showing up in Miri's stool for the past three days. Going back to the vet this morning with a sample. Will keep everyone posted)


  1. They look like a pretty competent computer repair team, except for sleeping on the job.

    Hope Miri is okay.

  2. How do humans that don't have cats ever get anything done?

    Purrs for Miri.

  3. I agree with Inigo does anyone get anything done without the help of our fur babies?


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